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From: Diane Ingino <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Family Bibles
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 12:58:25 -0400
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10/9/2002 12:15:33 AM, "Florence" <>

you think only PROTESTANTS
>had family bibles. I's like to know how you came to that

Hmm, quite a lot of exclamation points there, Florence. I
didn't assume anything. I was simply asking a question, from
a very objective viewpoint. If you re-read that sentence, I
stated, "I'm sure it was true for many Protestant families, but
did Catholics keep family Bibles too?" Nowhere did I imply
that I knew the answer. I was thinking of the "Bible Belt"
when I asked it. I was raised Protestant, so I know very little
about Catholic teachings or practices. My question was not
focused on contemporary religious practices but, rather, on
practices of 100 years ago or so. A number of people have
answered the question, saying that Catholics were generally
discouraged from reading the Bible at home and told to depend
on the priest to teach them about it. I did not know this
previously. It seems the answer has come from people who
cited empirical evidence as well as from people who have
studied some religion and theology. However, obviously, it was
also not a hard and fast rule, as a number of people have also
shared that their Catholic families did indeed have a Family
Bible. My question was not meant to be offensive in any way.
I was seeking information and am very pleased that many
Rooters have felt compelled to share their knowledge and/or
viewpoints with the same objectivity as I had when asking the
question. I feel that the discussion is quite interesting and I
hope to read some more on the subject.

Any further questions you may have should be sent to the List
and not to me directly. Thank you.

Diane I.
life is good
dti "at"

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