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From: "Jennie Vertrees" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] re: sassafras.
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 04:09:12 -0500

The Ozarks used to be full of sassafras trees and seedlings. When we lived there, we would put a rope around a small tree and uproot it with the car. We then cut the roots into pieces. One seeps either bark or the roots until it reaches the "right color," which is a reddish color. It has it's own taste and I enjoy it. My mother gave it to us in the spring as a sort of spring tonic and it was supposed to thin the blood. My parents always lived in North Missouri, but my husband and I lived for a few years in the Ozarks. My mother always used the bark, but I learned that the roots made even better tea. Jennie

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