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From: Thomas Roth <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Ports for German Travel to America
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 05:59:22 -0700 (PDT)

While most researchers concentrate on German emigrant
departure from Hamburg or Bremen, one should not
overlook that many also used other ports for
As the boundaries of Prussia moved over time, many
emigrants found their way to ports in Belgium, Holland
and France for departure.

I have learned that my ancestors who emigranted from
Alfter near Bonn in about 1853-1854 (part of area
called Prussia at that time) may have traveled from

Recently I have come across a letter in which the
voyage as described to the writer was told....

" grandfather, Theodore ROTT, sailing from
Antwerp to New York City in the company of other
family members...had an extraordinarily long and
fearful trip. Rough seas were, apparently,
encountered becuse the story included at least one
incident of water pouring down upon their sleeping
quarters at night causing fear that the ship was
sinking and that they would be lost. Because the
Captain had pocketed the money he should have spent
for supplies, food was so scarce and so poor that crew
members were eating bread so mouldy that "dust flew
out of their mouths" and the passengers were said to
have fared almost as badly. The crew considered mutiny
and shared their sentiments with the passengers with
assurance that they were capable of bringing the ship
to port without the help of the Captain. Upon arrival
in New York, people on the deck were said to have
exclaimed, "Look, its the old HAMPTON, we didnt
think shed ever make another trip" Authorities came
aboard, placed the Captain under arrest and the ship,
apparently because of age and deterioration, was
subsequently decommissioned making this her last

Subsequent research on my side has found that this
T.Rott was born in Alfter, Prussia on 9 May 1838 and
after arrival in America, probably 1853 or 1854, went
with family to Wisconsin where his father MATHIAS ROTT
(born 7 April 1802 in Alfter, Prussia) obtained land
near Sauk City, Wisconsin. Some members of the family
changed the ROTT name to Roth when they moved to
Gibbons Creek, near Washougal, Washington.
The family name is also spelled RODT in mid-1700s
records found in German archives.

I have been unable to find any other reference to this
ship HAMPTON arriving in New York in 1853 or 1854
(emigration in 1853 according to German state arhives
records), and a complete passenger list, so if anyone
can assist or confirm this information and story, I
would be greatful. It is believed that also other
RODT,ROTT, ROTH family members and SYBERZ (SYBERTZ)
family members were on this ship as they all settled
in Wisconsin later.

If anyone can add additional information on this
exciting recount of travel adventure or ship
information, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Thomas Roth-Munich, Germany

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