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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Jefferson Co,Mo., BIRTHS & ETC.
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 07:55:18 -0600
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> Happy Saturday evening everyone, more "pearls." Charlotte
> Jefferson Democrat
> Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri
> WEDNESDAY, 18 MAY 1887
> Miss Lizzie PERKINS is now making her sojourn in Wichita, Kansas. She
> is teaching a term of school at that place.
> Mrs. WELSH and her children arrived yesterday. Mr. WELSH will remain in
> Texas a while longer.
> Mr. Dorsey HENSLEY of Granite Bend, Wayne county, Mo., was visiting his
> Jefferson county friends last week.
> John J. McDONALD and Miss Mary A. BYRD, of De Soto, were married last
> Monday, at CLARK's hotel, by Judge ELKINS.
> Henry WRIGHT, of Pevely, died one day last week of consumption. Henry
> had many good qualities of heart, and was his own worst enemy.
> Rev. Wm. HENDRICKSON will preach the funeral of Mrs. FERGUSON, at
> Oakland church, on the second Sunday in June. He was unable on account
> of sickness to fill his appointment at that place the second Monday in
> this month.
> The following BIRTHS were filed the past week; April 15th, Mrs. Caspar
> CROPER, boy; April 15th, Mrs. George A. DITSH, girl; April 12, Mrs. W.A.
> SMITH, girl; April 30, Mrs. Joseph ROQUES, boy; May 4, Mrs. Simon WUERZ,
> girl; same day, Mrs. John KADLETZ, boy; same day, Mrs. Jonas YATES, boy.
> Jesse, 7-days-old son of Jonas and Anna YATES of Rock township, died on
> the 13th inst., of lockjaw. Dr. THURMAN who was in attendance, could
> not relieve the little sufferer. The little flower which gladdened the
> home of friend YATES, has been rudely plucked by the grim rea-er, who
> "takes the breaded grain at a breath, and the flowers that grow
> between."
> PROBATE COURT - The will of Jacob SMITH, deceased, was approved.
> CIRCUIT COURT - The divorce cases of Rachel vs. James F. NICHOALDS, and
> Bridgett vs. Erasmus GARRETT, were dismissed by plaintiffs
> CIRCUIT COURT - The biggest case of the term was that of the State vs.
> G.P. WHEELHORN and wife, charged with murdering a little child. There
> were about fifty witnesses besides three who got away or could not be
> found. Defendants were represented by Messrs. DINNING & BYRNS and
> THOMAS & HORINE, Frank GREEN being alone for the State. The evidence
> disclosed the remarkable fact that the child in question was probably
> Mr. WHEELHORN's, while its mother was a Miss LARKIN; that he had got the
> consent of his wife to let the other woman "lie in" at their house,
> claim the child as their own, and conceal the unfortunate mother's
> shame. The plan was carried out; the child was born and lived between
> to and three years of age. The State's witnesses detailed many acts of
> inhuman treatment the little waif had received at the hands of WHEELHORN
> and wife, all of which were denied and contradicted by defendants and
> their witnesses, who claimed that the child died a natural death from
> inherited diseases, and had always been treated kindly by them. the jury
> were but a few minutes in finding Mrs. WHEELHORN not guilty, but after
> deliberating in regard to Garret P., they returned a verdict of guilty
> of manslaughter in the fourth degree, and assessed his punishment at a
> fine of one hundred dollars and three months imprisonment in the county
> jail. A motion for a new trial was at once filed, pending which
> WHEELHORN was released on $400 bail.
> democr52

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