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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Civil War soldier
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 23:54:52 EDT

In a message dated 10/14/2002 9:55:46 PM Central Daylight Time,
You are looking for a soldier from the Civil War????Maybe this will help.
I did not have an "extra" subscription to the that covered the
Civil War site. (I believe it costs about $30 above the regular subscription
I have of $90 a year). BUT AOL offered a special visit to the site and I took
it! Went in right away while offer was valid, and it was great! I only put in
the surname, which was all the info I had. I found my gggrandfather's name,
unit, change of unit (to calvary), rank, date of enlistment and discharge,
residence, occupation, AND his brother's info too. It also had page of
widows, which ones got paid the pension, and sometimes when their soldier

My gggrandfather was in GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) which was like VFW
but only for Civil War vets. (I went to that site too!) Of course they are
all gone now but we ancestors can belong. Men must be direct line of vet and
women can join the Ladies of the GAR, Women's Relief Corps, and Daughters of
the Union Veterans of the Civil War. I am looking to join one of these. My
ggrandfather's grandson ( probably is his 80's) can remember him well. (A
lady whom I communicate with on a German list, looked up his name in their
local museum and sent me museum letter, written long ago, that his living
grandson wrote in memory of our ancestor!) My gggrandfather died at 81 in his
back yard after just coming home from a GAR meeting. He was the oldest Civil
War vet in his area, honored in Memorial parades etc. True story! Isn't that

Now, I do not want to fight the war again, it is over. I think we should be
proud of our ancestors no matter which side they fought on... it was many
brothers against brothers, and so much damage to family and farms. (Did you
know that Lee (or was it Jackson?) was asked by Pres. Lincoln to be head of
Union Army before their home state - I think VA - entered the war? ?Whoever
he was said no, because he thought he would be fighting brothers.) Can
someone straighten out my facts? I just read this on the web and obviously
did not save the info for references !! :)

Well, the Civil Was site was well worth the price I paid for it! (It was a
freebie...I was just there at the right time.) Seriously, if you are really
stuck and want info desperately, it is a very accurate way to get
info..directly from records. Good luck!

Char Keeping the humor

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