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From: "Pat Bezet" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 10:57:05 -0500

I think I live in what most of you would call the deep south, about an hour and half drive from the gulf.
So let me tell you about my family experience with dumplings.
My grandmother always made rolled dumplings. Seems like every time we went to her house. Which was at least twice a month. She even had a cabinet built the height of her arm level. It was like all the other cabinets, dishes or pots and pans inside but the right height and size of the top was just the size she wanted to roll those dumplings.
Then the next generation didn't want all that work, so along came the idea of spooning them or using biscuits.
Then the next generation remembered grandmother's dumplings and said what can we do. We came up with the idea of the floor tortilla. Cut them, drop them, maybe not as good but the closest to grandma's if you don't have that cabinet of the right height or don't have the time.
We also loved fruit dumplings. Water, sugar and fruit, boil them and drop those dumplings in there. Great when warm with ice cream or cream. My favorite, blackberry.

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