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From: Sharon McBride <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Latin Translation
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:11:09 +0800

You wont have too much trouble. The names are still written the same so you
will be able to pick them up alright. Dates - eg. 1779 still says 1779.
Months are easy Januarius, Junius, Julius - obvious to work out. You soon
get to recognize words like father mother, witness, minister etc. It is
nice though to get a full transcription of some of the records, especially
in your immediate line, as sometimes you can miss a clue or two. Here is an
example of one of mine that I had translated:

On tenth February 1789, the following were married in church:
The virtuous young man Phillip Jokob Ingelfinger, legitimate son of the
honourable Johann Wendelini Ingelfinger (deceased) & Maria Agetha, (nee
Kanner, father Johann Kanner), married the honourable & pure maiden Maria
Helena, legitimate daughter of Georg Bartholomaus Leitzen (deceased) &
Maria Antonio (nee Keicher - father Johann Peter Keicher). Witnesses were
Marcus Buick from Binswangen & Georg Adam Keicher. Host to the angel.

There are many people who do translations at reasonable prices & of course
you can find English Latin dictionaries on the internet or invest in your
own. Best to just photocopy away merrily while you have the film & worry
about the translations later. When you first look at the film you may think
- oh no! I won't be able to do this, but it does get much easier as you
adjust to the different writing style.

Best wishes,

Sharon McBride
Perth, Western Australia

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