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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Genealogy/Food
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:24:09 EDT

Hi Listers: When I was a small child growing up in Oregon in the spring my
mother would take a brown bag, scissors and gloves and go out in the woods
and gather the small green stinging nettles as they came through the ground.
They then went into the pot with a piece of ham or slab bacon and we would
eat them as greens. As an adult I mentioned this at work and noone believed
me. I then went on a search to find something in print to prove them wrong.
Well I found that gathering nettles in the spring was a spring tonic to
people from Scotland. My family on my fathers side was from Scotland. I
learned that my mother got the idea from my paternal grandmother which is the
Scottish side. It went right down the family tree to me. So maybe there is a
link between food and genealogy. Maybe there is a hint in the unusual foods
and recipes that we are familiar with and maybe researching why our family
has them will tell us something about our roots.
PS NO they did not sting and they were a bit grainy and we all loved them. I
now live away from Oregon and if I could find them in the spring I would
gather and try them and see if they are indeed as good as I remember.

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