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From: Lannie Walker <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: ROOTS-L Digest V02 #612--Books or CDs?????
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 14:20:57 -0500
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Ther is an up side and a down side to each of these methods.
My experience has proved it to me. I have several books
written by relatives, only two of which are actually devoted
to genealogy. I treasure these books, but I wrote several
articles that were included in a history book about the county
in Texas where my parents,...., gretgreatgrandparents lived,
and I purchased a copy for each of my 5 children and 11
grandchildren, and I don't think that any of them have ever
been looked at, much less studied. In general, I have found
that my entire family group simply have no interest in
genealogy books or the bunches of documents that I have passed
out to them before I became smart enough to realize that I
am the only one in my family to have an interest in family
history to even look at the documents. After that, I decided
that if any of my family would ever pay any attention to
genealogy material would be if it was colorful and entertaining.
So, I decided to create a genealogy CD. I don't mean just to
dump all of that dry, dry documentation onto a CD and make it
simply a filing cabinet on a CD, either. I create a "web page"
file on the CD for every member of my family that lived long
enough to produce more than just a birt date and death date.
For each individual, I include the folowing:
1. A short paragraph containg their vital statistics.
2. If possible, an audio clip in their own voice.
(note: in 1955 I mad a one hour reel-to-reel recording of
my mother and one for my father, in 1957 I made recordings
of two of my sisters, about two years ago I made recordings
of my remaining siblings and brothers and sisters-in-law.)
3. Two or three of the best photos that I have of that family member.
4. Canned images of newspaper clippings, certificates, or other
documents pertaining to that individual.
5. "Hot" Links to the "pages" for the individual's parents
and their names.
6. Links to the individual's siblings and their names.
7. Links to the indiviual's offsprings and their names.
8. Link(s) to the spouse(s) of the individual.
9. At the end of the "page", links to the itroduction page
or the page containing the links to my earliest known
Also, I include links to some music that can be listened to
for a diversion. I also include quite a bit of data that is
basically dumped onto the CD to avoid the problem of making
paper copies and mailing. The down side of CDs is, of course,
not all of my relatives have Computers, but one thing that I
have determined in my family is that all of them that have any
interest whatsoever, make it a point to get a computer.
I never worry about CD technology being overtaken by some other
recording process because there will always be a way to convert
CD s to whatever the new technolgy is developed.
I have about 100 7" reels of home recorded audio tape that I
have had since 1949 until I quit making R/R recordings about
20 years ago when I started using cassette tapes. I just hook
up my R/R tape machine and connect it to the sound card on my
computer and I simply copy it to my hard drive. For example, I
now have my mother's tape now on a single CD as is my father's
tape. By the way, all of my R/R tapes sound just as good now
as they did in 1949 and most of them are bottom of the line
in price when I bought them, although I do have a few premium
grade tapes that sound no better than the el cheapos. Also
I have taken no special precautions in preserving the tapes
(i am not proud of it) and they seemed to have suffered no
degradation although they are simply voice recordings.
I have one genealogy book that I wanted to scan and place on
CD and it was compiled by the wife of a man with whom I
share a gggrandfather. I asked for permission to pass on the
information in the book and he (his wife is deceased) gave me
permission to do so, but I just haven't had the time yet to
scan the entire book. It wan't compiled with the intention
that it would generate income.
Anyway, I am glad that I elected to create my CD. I mail copies
to interested parties at no charge, not that I am independently
wealthy (I am on pension and social security)and I do not mean
to demean those who do charge for such services. I understand the
desire turn your hard work into monetary reward but my reward
comes from knowing that I have perhaps helped someone who are
pursuing the same quest as myself. Simply put, much of the
information that I have acquired has come from the hard work
of a deceased cousin and the generous gift of information
obtained from a non relative which he recived from a researcher
that he paid.
Just remember, Books and CDs and Tape are all worthwhile
media and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
My $.02,

This CD, of course will never be "finished" because I will
probably never live long enough to add all members, but I have
located a few relatives that are interested in carrying on the

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