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From: "Charlotte M. Maness" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 18:35:55 -0600

Here's part II of my "pearls" for the night.

Part II

Jefferson Democrat
Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri


Date Name of Mother Sex
July 25 Mrs. Fritz KRAMER boy
Aug 3 Mrs. Wm. FAIRBANK boy
Aug 3 Mrs. John CARVER girl
Aug 7 Mrs. Joseph RIANDO boy
Aug 8 Mrs. J.W. SENTER boy
Aug 12 Mrs. C.W. FLETCHER girl
Aug 26 Mrs. C.W. SCHIELSING girl
Aug 23 Mrs. Thos. DAVENPORT boy
Aug 20 Mrs. George CHENEY boy
Aug 22 Mrs. Robert HUNT boy
Aug 19 Mrs. P.C. ZOLLMAN boy
Aug 21 Mrs. Henry REINEMER boy
Aug 10 Mrs. Sam A. WHITEHEAD girl

NOTICE is hereby given that my wife, Lara McCORMACK, has left my house
and home without any just cause, and I will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by her from this date. Perry B. McCORMACK Sept. 4,

CIRCUIT COURT - Trial docket September term, 1887, of Jefferson County
Circuit court:
First Day - September 12
Joseph GOODWID vs Mahala GOODWIN, divorce (Not my typo, was in the paper
as it is here.)
Kate YEIDA vs Wm. HERRINGTON et als, partition
Mary DIARD vs V.F. DIARD, divorce
Third day - September 14
Hariett ROCKLIFF vs Charles BRYAN et al, partition
Phoebe HAMBLE vs Joseph H. HAMBLE, divorce.
Louisa CLEMENS vs. Elijah CLEMENS, divorce
Emily J. CREASON vs Levi S. CREASON, divorce
Lester J. HENRY vs. Sarah E. BLAKE, et al, partition

Wm. JEUDE of Pevely, we are very sorry to learn, is very ill; in fact
some of his friends have grave doubts as to his recovery.

Wm. H. McMULLIN, an orphan boy 18 years old, but small for his age, has
been missing for a month. His friends are very anxious to hear from
him, but have no desire to bring him back against his will. Information
of him should be addressed to William B. McMULLIN, DeSoto.

Mrs. Perry McCORMACK, whom we mentioned last week as having left her
husband and gone to Webb City, Mo., came home with her mother on Sunday
of last week, and is making her home with her parents. the gossipers,
who think only evil and revel in scandal, had just as well look up
another case to talk about.

The little boy of Mr. SLAFFKE's who accidently killed himself, was only
nine years old. He had saved up nickels and dimes, earned by doing
errands, till he had three or four dollars a head, and he invested part
of his earnings in an old rifle, which he purchased from a negro man.
The gun was out of fix and would not shoot when he tried it, and that
accounts for the careless handling which caused him his life. Mr.
SCHLAFFKE knew nothing of his having the gun till after he was shot.
The party who sold him the gun is liable to punishment.

The town of Victoria lost one of her best citizens last week, Mr. C.S.
WHITE having died on the 7th inst. after a short illness of inflamation
of the bowels. He was a carpenter and builder by trade, an excellent
workman and by his quiet, gentlemanly demeanor had made friends with all
who got acquainted with him during the few years of his residence in
this county. He leaves a wife and an infant child. His remains were
buried by the J.N. WHITEHEAD post, G.A.R., of which he was an active and
valuable member.

CIRCUIT COURT - The Grand Jury was impaneled, sworn and charged. N.
SLAWSON, foreman; and R.H. SHUTE, John D. HEARST, Patrick BYRNE, P.
OGLE, John T. BURGESS and Thos. J. LEE; the latter selected in place of
M.C. JENNINGS, who was excused, being a school teacher.

CIRCUIT COURT - Mary DIARD was granted was granted divorce from Felix
DIARD and given the custody of their child.


A young gent arrived at L.B. BADAKER's last week. This makes No. 5, and
all boys.

Patrick McCOOL if St. Louis, formerly of this county, paid his friends
and relatives a visit this week.

Robert SWAIN of this neighborhood died on the 10th inst., of pneumonia,
leaving a large family.

Mrs. Nancy BAINBRIDGE and Miss Carrie WILLIAMS start today for
California, where they will probably make their home for the future.

Mrs. Caroline ALBERS, an old German lady, who has been bed-ridden for a
year or two, died last Thursday at the residence of her son-in-law,
Hiram JAHNSON, on Cotter Creek. She had been supported in part by the
county the past year.

Mrs. ROSENAUER - mother of Albert, Frank and Michael ROSENAUER - died at
her home near Fenton, on the 15th inst. She was quite aged, and had not
eaten anything for three months, her ailment being a tumor in the
throat. Before she too sick she was a very fleshy woman, but there was
nothing left but skin and bones at the time of her death.

At the Sheriff's sales last week, D.M. PARK was the purchaser, under
school fund mortgage sale, of the Jefferson County Fair grounds, at
$1300; John T. GIFFORD bought the PREWETT farm on Big River, at
partition sale, for $845 - the dower interest of a young widow and minor
children made this farm go low.

DEATHS and BIRTHS - The following is a list of the deaths filed with the
County Clerk the past week.
Date Name Age
Sept. 2 William BAER 60 years
Sept. 10 Jesse HEIMS 2 years
Aug. 5 John William HERRINGTON 1 year
Aug. 15 Fannie M. MOSS 2 years
Aug. 31 Ida HEIMS 5 years
Date Name of mother Sex
Aug. 2 Mrs. John HUBERT boy
Aug. 8 Mrs. James BERGAN girl
Aug. 27 Mrs. Rudolf DRYER girl
Aug. 27 Mrs. Louis RADAKER boy
July 8 Mrs. Charles OERMAN boy
Sept. 6 Mrs. Nelson SHOULTE girl
Sept. 12 Mrs. John RICHTER boy
Sept. 13 Mrs. Alfred WILLIAMS boy


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