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From: "robinson's" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 01:31:46 -0600

To all those who think old songs are not part of genealogy.
I hate to tell you this but genealogy is part of history and songs are part of history too. I plan to write a book about my family genealogy and at some point I will no doubt have to rely on those who are older than me who might perhaps remember the name or words to a song that hasn't been sang to me in quite awhile. I think it's GREAT thing when someone who was dear to us at some point in our lives sang a song that stuck in our heads even if it was just stuck there for a little while or if it was stuck there for years to come only to be lost in our minds by the other important things that come along like jobs, spouses, children and just plain old living! My Grandfather was a member of a gospel quartet long before I was born and quit singing with that quartet long before I was born. But, It did not keep him from teaching me songs he sang back then and had been singing since before he joined that quartet. I learned a lot from him and cherish all of my memories of him and all !
the songs he taught me the short time I had him in my life. To have someone put me down because I asked for help in remembering a song would make me very angry... I have no idea who it was that upset Imogene. But, I will say this much. You must not have had anyone to sing to you or give you pleasant memories. For that I feel very sorry for you!
But, You have NO right to hurt anyone else's feelings or to put someone down for asking a question that most certainly does have to do with genealogy..... Just MY opinion and MY BIG MOUTH,,,,,,, Keep up the memories Imogene!!!

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