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Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 18:59:53 -0700

The 2nd part of today's "Pearls"

Part II

Jefferson Democrat
Hillsboro, Jefferson, Missouri


On Friday, the 6th inst., Mrs. Laura LEONARD, died at the residence of
her daughter, Mrs. Laura E. STONE in this city, at the age of 87 years
and five months. The cause of her death was a severe hemorrhage or the
rupture of a blood vessel. She ate her dinner heartily as usual and was
left for a few moments by Mrs. STONE, upon whose return she was found
suffering from the hemorrhage and from which she died in less than ten
minutes and without speaking. She was born at Wilkesbarre, Pa., August
13th, 1800, her maiden name being CROSBY; she was united with the M.E.
CHURCH in '18 and was married in 1820 to Patrick LEONARD. She was a
second cousin to Enoch CROSBY, the original of Harvey BURCH the spy, in
J. Fennimore COOPER's novel by that name. Of a family of six or seven
brothers and sisters, Grandma LEONARD was the last, and each one of the
family with one exception, lived beyond the age of 80 years. She was
the mother of five children all of whom, except the eldest, survive
her. Her death, though very sudden and shocking, was not altogether
unexpected, as her heath had been somewhat feeble for several years.
Her quiet, gentle and affectionate demeanor, endeared her to those
around her and her death will be a great affliction to them. Funeral
services were held at the residence of Mrs. STONE on Monday, by Rev.
D.O. TRAVIS of the Congregational Church, after which the remains were
taken to the Hillsboro Cemetery and interred in the family lot.

Lou KELLY, one of the oldest engineers on the Iron Mountain road, met
with a very sudden death on Thursday night, the 3rd inst. He left
DeSoto on Tuesday at 11.5, in charge of his regular engine, pulling the
Texas Express, and arrived at Poplar Bluff on time late in the
afternoon, after enjoying his usual robust health and good spirits.
After visiting a barbershop and taking, supper he went to bed at 7
o'clock. Nothing more was seen or heard of him until 12, midnight, when
the railroad caller went to wake him to take charge of the engine on the
return trip. KELLY refused to answer to the call, and upon examination
it was found that he was cold and stiff in the sleep of death, having
suddenly died of heart disease and painlessly, probably without waking,
as he was laying with gently folded hands and undisturbed coverings.
After holding an inquest his remains were sent to this city, where he
lived with his wife along in the enjoyment of an elegant and happy home,
which his habits of industry and economy have enabled him to provide.
KELLY has been employed as engineer on the Iron Mountain the past
nineteen years continuously, and the many courtesies extended to him and
his family during his life, and since his sad death, testify to the high
esteem in which he was held by the company. His wife was completely
prostrated by the affliction and could not attend the funeral, which
occurred on Friday, and was one of the largest and imposing ever seen in
DeSoto, and at which were representatives engineer brotherhoods as
follows: Division 182 of Little Rock, 7 members; Division 42 of St.
Louis, 10; Division 123 of DeSoto, 47; of fireman, Pride of the West of
DeSoto, 27; brakemen, Hazel NELSON Lodge of DeSoto, 20; conductors,
Lodge No. 3, of St. Louis, 20; A.O.U.W. of DeSoto, 60; besides Messrs.
O.A. HAINES, inspector of locomotives and machinery, and W.H. HARRIS,
master mechanic of this division, and numerous other visitors and the
citizens of DeSoto generally. KELLY's record has been one of honor and
credit to himself, of which his friends all feel justly proud. In 1861
he was firing an engine on the Chicago and Western, but left the
position to enlist in the 17th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, where he was
attached to McPHEERSON's corps, where he served three years, taking part
in the battle of Port Gibson, and remaining until after the capture of
Vicksburg. After leaving the service he resumed the duties of fireman
on the Hannibal & St. Joe and Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw roads, being
promoted to engineer on the latter road. Since that time he has been on
the Iron Mountain and, though he has passed through may dangers, he had
but one serious accident, that of his plunge into the Joachim, near
Victoria, last Spring. Rev. WATKINS, of the Presbyterian church, held
religious services at the residence, and the different lodges to which
he belonged performed their impressive rites at the grave. The floral
tributes were numerous and of the most varied and elegant designs.
DeSoto, January 8, 1888.

DEATHS and BIRTHS - The following is a list of the deaths filed with the
County clerk the past week:
Date Name Age
Nov. 28 Frank GALDSTER 51 years
Date Name of Mother Sex
Dec. 17 Mrs. Oliver HUNT two girls
Dec. 11 Mrs. John THEOBALD boy
Dec. 10 Mrs. Francis McLAGLAND boy
Dec. 31 Mrs. Wm. H. CLOPPER boy
Dec. 31 Mrs. August GEIB girl
Dec. 20 Mrs. George BLAKE girl
Dec. 17 Mrs. James R. WILSON girl
Jan'y 1 Mrs. Robert PEEBLES girl


Joe and Dick HOEKEN are both filling their ice houses this week. The
ice is about seven inches thick.

Mrs. Dr. C.F. SAPPER was buried in DeSoto, Sunday. She died at their
residence, near Mill Spring, Wayne county, Mo.

Mrs. FINNEY, widow of Kemp FINNEY, deceased, died at the residence of
her son, Swaney, near Valle Mines, on the 1st inst., at the age of 75
years. She had been confined to her bed about eighteen months.

The following BIRTHS were filed the past week: Oct. 19, to Mrs. E.F.
HONEY, a boy; Nov. 26, Mrs. Andrew SPENCER, a girl; Dec. 20, Mrs. Albert
BROUK, a girl; Dec. 21, Mrs. J.W. PIPKIN, a boy; Jan. 1, Mrs. C. Hermann
SCHMIDT, a boy; Jan. 6, Mrs. Thomas J. HAMRICK, a girl.

CIRCUIT COURT - James F. GROOM vs Anna E. GROOM; divorce granted to

CIRCUIT COURT - Alfred OZARK vs. Eliza OZARK; divorce granted plaintiff.

CIRCUIT COURT - George V. HICKS was granted divorce from Mary V. HICKS,
on the ground of abandonment.

CIRCUIT COURT - Maggie SINKHORN was divorced from Wallace SINKHORN.

CIRCUIT COURT - Mary J. was divorced from Simon PASHEA, and given care
and custody of their children and $25 alimony.

CIRCUIT COURT - Calvin SANDERS was divorced from his wife, Mary.

CIRCUIT COURT - Alonzo KYLE vs Frances KYLE, divorce; defendant found
to be the injured party and given a divorce, and awarded custody of
their child.


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