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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Benjamin and Ezekiel Waldrop
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 09:06:10 EST

Jan Dawson:
You say this this line is incorrect...I will send you the
names who sent in information for this page

Jan if you have the corrections, would you be so kind to send me the
corrections. I would love to take my Joseph Ryan Waldrop and his
papa Rev. Green Berry Waldrop 1791-1854, a generation or two. Thanks.

I did not research this line. I merely wanted to know if
it was correct. I feel like from Green Berry Waldrop 1791-
1854 is my correct line. I believe Green Berry Waldrop
brothers were Ezekle Waldrop and Major Waldrup.

I do not know if this is correct or not, this is why I posted it before
entering it into my files as the gospel.. The research on this information
was posted by several Waldrop researchers. At the bottom of the page it lists
the researchers who researched and
entered the information. The page I sent in yesterday.
Wait I'll give you the researchers now.
(Major contributors: Howard Waldrop - MI, Bill Couch - AR, Bob Waldrop - FL,
Rebecca Morris - TX, Clyde Waldrop - CA, Kathy J.Wade - GA, Melody Sanchez -
CA, Howard Waldrop - IL, Deborah Zouras - SC, Thomas King - TX,

I did notice that when it came to my Rev. Green Berry they
have him born in 1788.
There is a Green Berry Waldrup , who is the nephew of Rev.
Green Berry Waldrop. The nephew is the son on Major Washington Waldrup.

I received information from Jimmy Waldrop that my Joseph
Ryan Waldrop couldn't be his Joseph Ryan Waldrop because
I had taken from a 1870 Census that my JRW was born in
Mississippi at the time he was 44. This is how I place him
being born in 1826. (Mr Jimmy Walker is of the Heard line, Joseph
Ryan Waldrop's first wife Nancy Heard,children Georgia Ann Waldrop
and Stephen Franklin Waldrop.)

Jimmy said, Rev. Green Berry was still in Georgia in 1824
in Gwenette, and he was, there is a picture of his church
and in the message below mentions Green Berry Waldrop,
Bodi Waldrop , Alsey and Benjamin Waldrop who parted
from Green Berry by staying Talapoosa, Alabama , shortly
after that picture was taken. Mr. Jimmy Walker insisted Joseph
Ryan Waldrop had to be born in Georgia. He might have been, how
ever Rev. Green Berry Waldrop was in the Alabama area and close
enough to Mississippi for JRW to have been born in Alabama or Mississippi
but as I told him on census 1870, the year he was ambushed and killed in
Washington County, Escatawpa, Alabama his birth place was listed
Mississippi, he was age 44 when he was killed. I found this by researching
the for his death and found this information about the killing in the
Mobil Register Newspaper.

Sweetwater Primitive Baptist ...organized on December 8, 1824
by Tyre Lamders and G. B. Waldrop.
Also Rev. Green Berry Waldrop was a Presty( not sure of spelling)
He traveled around with other ministers organizing new Chruches.I
have found him thru out my area in Georgia. I live in Muscogee County and
he is listed as owning land here, Talbot and Harris Counties, Georgia
He owned land all over these areas. He traveled from one area to another
this is why I believe Joseph Ryan Waldrop could have been born in Alabama
or Mississippi as well as Georgia. He did have on son born in Georgia
but Joseph Ryan Waldrop was on up in age. (Henry Low Waldrop was born
in 1832 in Harris County, Georgia, Joseph Ryan Waldrop was already six
years old.)

Back to Jimmy Walker, Rev. Green Berry was in Georgia until
the early 1840s. How ever I have a deed where Green Berry
bought land in Alabama in 1823. Rev. Green Berry must have
traveled back and forth and was in Alabama and maybe even
in Mississippi the time my Joseph Ryan Waldrop was born.

Also Jimmy Walker questioned Matagorda and Powder Horn
and Joseph Ryan Waldrop being in both places. I researched
Powder Horn and Matagorda and they are very close together.
You can find this information also in a book his mother in law
at the time wrote and she mention Dr. Waldrop and Dr. J.R.
Waldrop as a very like able person. Joseph Ryan Waldrop
married Victoria K. Thomas in the Powder Horn, Texas area
and then they moved to Matagorda , Texas to live by her
mother. They had a son Joseph Henry Mark Waldrop in 1858.
In 1859 Dr. Joseph Ryan Waldrop moved on to Arkansas and
Victoria came home to deliver JHMW and then divorced
my Joseph Ryan Waldrop , just to find he was still married
to Sarah Catherine Alexander in Arkansas. He lawyer found
JRW was still married to Sara C. Alexander Waldrop.

There are other questions I need to answer Mr. Jimmy Walker
that he asked me to send me to send him proof. I am doing that
I am sending him the information on Powder Horn and Matagroda Texas. Also,
about Rev. Green Berry being in Alabama in 1823
and 1826 in Georgia. Land deeds shows that he goes back and
forth, with him having Waldrop relatives in Tuscaloosa and
Talapoosa. This man traveled all over the States until the
week he died in 1854,

Joseph Ryan Waldrop , traveled as much as his papa, we have
found him in La. South Carolina,( mention in one of his letters
in 1854 to his brother Henry Low in DeSoto, Mississippi)
He also lived in Tubelo, Mississippi, this is where his
daughter Georgia Ann Waldrop Thornton was born in 1845
while married to Nancy Heard, they also had a son Stephen
Franklin Waldrop who lived in DeSoto, Mississippi. Georgia
Ann also lived in Mississippi) Arkansas and Washington County,

I still have other questions to answer Mr. Jimmy Walker's
wanting to see written information. He also questioned the
maiden name of Joseph Ryan Waldrop's mother. I have received
information from Faye Waldrop Johnston and Major Washington
Waldrup, I believe this is where I received the maiden name
of my great great grandmother. Elizabeth Ward was on one
of the Ged I received. I will contact Ann and Marshall and see
if that information came from them.

Mr. Jimmy Walker also question the Joseph R. Waldrop who signed up for
the Civil War in 1861 in Canaan, Mississippi is the same JRW or not.
I have a nephew with the FBI , I don't know if he can help me or not, but
I am going to ask him if he can't have it done at the FBI , if he will find
a handwriting expert in Washington D. C for us. I want to verify the
signatures of the Civil War Joseph R. Waldrop and the Matagorda, Texas.
I do not know why Joseph R. Waldrop was in Powder Horn or Matagorda
in 1855-1858 but he was there visiting and writing home to his family about
the estate of his papa Rev. Green Berry in 1854. His mother Elizabeth Ward
Waldrop died in 1866.
On census I found another J. R. Waldrop who was born 1834 in Texas who might
have been a cousin. There is a eight year difference in their ages. 1934
have made my Joseph Ryan Waldrop the papa of Georgia Ann Waldrop Thorton
born in 1845, that J. R.Waldrop in Texas would have been only 11 years
old in 1845. My JRW was visiting in Texas, he wasn't born or raised there.

As always I stand to be corrected. But, after almost ten years, I have
to have what I enter written down on paper and able to back up.

So as for Rev. Green Berry Waldrop on down

Rev. Green Berry Waldrop 1791-1891
Joseph Ryan Waldrop 1826-1870
James Harry Waldrop 1869-1924
Harry P. Waldrop 1906-1962
I am pretty sure, we have a connection with the Alabama and Mississippi
Waldrops and Texas.

Sandra Waldrop Doolittle

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