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From: Nancy Wilkinson <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Next Step Help
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:33:02 -0800 (PST)

For all you "experts" out there, I want your opinion on my "next step"...

My gggrandfather's brother Edward O'DONOGHUE married Barbara GRIFFITH in London England in 1866. They are in the 1881 British Census with children Sarah, Digby, Roger and Raymond.

Then while surfing the net one day I come across a website that has a family posted on it:

1. Digby O'Donoghue
2. John Griffith O'Donoghue
+ Violet Katherine Douglas
3. Katherine Susan O'Donoghue
+ Alan Louis Kestell Liddle
(Then spells out children of this couple)
3. Margaret Ann (Peggy) O'Donoghue
+ Christopher James Waller
(Then spells out children of this couple)

There are some dates of birth, but no places of birth or any other information. I have e-mailed the person who posted this, but he has not returned my e-mail (and it said on his site only to e-mail him if necessary because he is swamped with e-mail)!

Where do I go next? Since the time frame of this family would fit with what I know of my Digby O'Donoghue....would you think it would be a "slam dunk" that these are my O'Donoghue's since in this listing, Digby's Son John's second given name was Griffith (my Digby's mother's maiden name)? How do I follow-up on this without knowing where to look for this information????


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