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From: "Illya D'Addezio" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Just uploaded at Genealogy Today
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 19:22:26 -0500

More great articles and products from our team of writers...

- illya d'addezio

)) Philip Westwood posted The Lincoln-Blair Affair: "What connects the
current British Prime Ministers family with Abraham Lincoln and his crazed
assasin John Wilkes Booth?"

)) Bob Brooke posted Reading Handwriting of the Past: "Handwriting, as with
language, changes over time, so what may have been common practice years ago
is no longer used."

)) Ruby Coleman posted Shouting About Ancestors: "While it is easier to
locate people on the Internet who have the same surname interests, it is
soon apparent that not everybody uses the Internet."

)) Deanna Corbeil posted Your Ancestors and Illness -- What Was it Like?:
"Getting sick a century or more ago could be a dangerous thing. Learn what
it might have been like for your ancestors to get ill, and what kinds of
treatments they may have had to endure."

)) Lisa Ritter Starr posted The Lifegiver's Festival: "A divine little
weekend that takes place in a quiet corner of the United States each year.
Most people have never heard of it and never will, but for birthmothers of
open adoptions, it is a heartening and pampering experience to pursue as
soon as possible."

)) E.B. Lapointe posted Canadian Census Records To Research: "Census-taking
was done sporadically in the following years in different parts of the
country. It was not until the first national census was done in 1871, that a
standard procedure was initiated."

)) Genealogy Today, in cooperation with William Arnold O'Malley, announced
the availability of a History of a Family Bible: A Quest for the Missing
Link, which follows a search the author conducted over a period years. This
book is an effort to describe the names and places over the past 315 years
and try to connect early writings of the diary to the present time."

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