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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Searching
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 11:55:56 EST

When I'm doing or performing searches expecially when using GOOGLE, it always
helps to use their additions to help enable your searches.

Also, if your using AOL and you want to use the added features of Google
searches, remember to place double quotes with the information that is being
searched... ie..
"St.John" Using this method will search the string together as one word and
will ignore the spaces or add spaces for the information. To use the search
within search perform your first search with the double quotes and follow the
search results with an added keyword.. ie..

"St.John" Georgia
Search results:.........

Google Tools

<A HREF="">Google Browser Buttons</A> -
Access Google's search technology by adding our buttons to your browser's
personal toolbar.

<A HREF="">Google in Your Language</A> -<A HREF="">;
</A>Volunteer to translate Google's help information and search interface into
your favorite language.

<A HREF="">Google Toolbar</A> -
Take the power of Google with you by adding the toolbar to your IE browser. <A HREF="">;

<A HREF="">Google Translate Tool</A> -
Translate text or entire web pages.

©2003 Google - <A HREF="">Home</A>;


<A HREF="">VROOSH! Metasearch engine - worldwide metacrawler</A>

Meta Search Engine - Worldwide Metacrawler is a search engine that acts as both a metacrawler and webcrawler
utilizing fast parallel technology for speed and accuracy. Search using
Keywords in any language, use Advanced Search to search in a specific Country
or meta search for MP3,and FTP sites. Ask-A-Question in seven languages with
Advanced Search. VROOSH! supports advanced boolean matching: +, -, "", AND,

<A HREF=""></A>;


There is another site that allows you to pick and choose the search engin
that you want to use. I think the site is rather tacky, but that's me and
how I feel. You can however get to see and use different search browsers to
help enable you to find just about what you want.

<A HREF=""></A>;

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