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Subject: [ROOTS-L] HLAVAS, HELENA 1896 - 1902
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 14:57:59 -0700

I am hoping that there is some kind person out there that will help me locate
any information regarding HLAVSA, HELENA, February 1, 1896 - 1902. She is
the daughter of my G-Grandmother Josephine Hlavsa (02/9/1859 - 03/36/1936).
But I can't seem to find a thing about her. Josephine lived in Auburn,
Brooklyn, Bronx, and Ulster Park, Ulster County, New York (what order of
residence I am not sure) during her life. I do not have access to the Census
records and a cousin of mine that does, can't seem to locate any information
about HLAVSA, HELENA. It is as if she is a "mystery child." Any help would
be appreciated.

HLAVSA, HELENA : father is Karl Hlavsa (1859-1903) (I have tons of original
documentation from the 'old country' regarding him), a brother Karl Hlavas
(who Americanized his name to Charles Lavsa, in Auburn, NY), a sister (my
Grandmother Caroline Rosa - AKA Madeline, Hlavsa - 10/27/1986 - 11/24/1967),
& a brother Otto Simon Hlavsa (Americanized name to Lavas - 10/24/1889 -

Any help would be appreciated by her family (I am the designated
genealogist). Thank you. Jan

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