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Subject: [ROOTS-L] When submitters of info cannot be found
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 17:02:53 EST

In a message dated 3/8/2003 1:49:15 PM Central Standard Time,

> When submitters of info cannot be found

Hello Margaret and List.
Your tips for research are extremely good for the novice.

Yes, I have looked up submitters several times and mostly have had a positive

I had two experiences, though, that I would like to share - both not quite so

One was connected with my ggrandmother, Agnes Florence Moore. I had searched
high and low with not much starter info to work with and finally after months
and months of searching, I found her on the LDS site. I, then, contacted the
lady who had submitted it, first by mail, then by phone. The lady was nice
enough but, even though she had submitted information about my Agnes (which,
I had documented proof was wrong !), she could not seem to find my tree on
her computer. She asked that I call her back in about thirty days.....which
I did....and had the same story. For months, I tried to get the information
corrected because I didnt want any of my brethren to come along and be is still there...WRONG ! I gave up...

The second one had contributed to a web site and had some of the surnames
that I was researching. One was very uncommon and their data matched mine so
well that I was pretty certain they were mine - an answer to a long-held
multigenerational family mystery. When I finally was able to e-mail the
submitter, though, she told me that she had gotten her information from her
mother's handwritten source !!...But, she went on to say....that
her mother's stuff had always been right on target !!

Well, will use what I can....when I can....but.....definitely need the source
to be sure...



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