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From: "J. Lindley" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Searching My Roots
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 15:22:59 -0600

I have done genealogical research for many years, but just recently subscribed to several of the mailing lists on RootsWeb. I have been trying to figure out the best way to use them---don't know if this is it, but I'll give it a try. I am posting the surnames that I am researching with some identifying material. I will also post each surname to its separate list, but want to include all here. By the way, I will be willing to look through my records and try to help anyone out there who needs help---I've been there (and still am on some lines) and always appreciate help from others.

So here goes:

SHELTON: Thomas Shelton (1600's, MD, VA); James Shelton (1600's-1700's, VA); Peter Shelton (1600's-1700's, VA); Ralph Shelton (1600's-1700's, VA); Crispen Elphas Shelton, 1700's, VA); Lewis Shelton (1700's, VA & SC); Taliaferro Shelton (1700's-1800's, VA, SC, GA, AL); Drury E. Shelton (1800's, GA, MS); Lewis W. Shelton (1800's, MS, AR, TX); John Marion Shelton (1800's-1900's, AR, TX); John Lewis Franklin Shelton (1900's, TX)-----This is my line (in US through my grandfather; I don't include my mother as my father is still living). I have a LOT of info on Sheltons and am always willing to share.

BEAUFORD: Richard Beauford/Buford (1600's, France, VA); John Buford (1600's-1700's, VA); Thomas Buford (1600's-1700's, VA); Mary Jane Crispen/Buford (1600's-1700's, VA) m. Ralph Shelton

PARROTT: Richard Parrott (1600's, England, VA); Elizabeth Parrott (1600's-1700's, Barbados, VA) m. Thomas Buford

VAUSE: John Vause (prob. 1600's, prob. VA); Margaret Vause (1600's, VA) m. Richard Buford

BRAMBLETT/BRAMLETT: William Bramblett (1600's-1700's, VA); Henry Bramblett, Sr. (1700's, VA); Henry Bramblett, Jr. (1700's, VA); Mary Ann Bramblett (1700's-1800's, VA & SC) m. Frederick Burdette

CALLOWAY: Elizabeth Calloway (1600's-1700's, VA) m. William Bramblett

HENDRIX: Jacobus James Hendrix (1600's-1700's, PA); Henry H. Hendrix (1700's, PA); Tobias Hendrix (1700's-1800's, PA, SC); Henry Hendrix (1700's-1800's, SC); Nancy Hendrix (1700's-1800's, SC, AL) m. Andrew Frey/Fry

DUCKETT: Lucy Duckett (1600's-1700's, Neatherlands, PA) m. Jacobus James Hendrix

MICHAUX: Abraham Michaux (1600's-1700's, poss. France, VA); Jane Magdalen Michaus (1600's-1700's, Neatherlands, VA) m. Jean Pierre LeGrand

ROCHET: Suzanne "Little Nightcap" Rochet (1600's-1700's, France, VA) m. Abraham Michaux

LEGRAND: Pierre LeGrand (1600's-1700's, France, VA); Jean Pierre LeGrand (1600's-1700's, Holland, VA); John LeGrand (1700's, VA); Jane LeGrand (1700's, VA) m. Francis Irby

VRIL: Judith Vril (1600's-1700's, poss. France or Holland, VA) m. Pierre LeGrand

LONG: Mary Long (1600's-1700's, VA) m. Thomas Buford; poss. 1m. Thomas Crispen

JAXON: Susannah Jaxon (1600's, VA) m. Peter Shelton

WOOD: Hannah Wood (1600's, VA) m. Thomas Shelton

TSHUDY: Jacob Tshudy (1600's-1700's, Switzerland, poss. SC); Anna Tshudy (1700's, Germany, SC) m. Charles H. Hutto, Sr.

HUTTO: Isaac Hutto (1600's-1700's, Germany or Switzerland, SC); Charles H. Hutto, Sr. (1700's, Switzerland, SC); Charles H. Hutto, Jr. (1700's-poss. 1800's, SC); Daniel Hutto (1700's-1800's, poss. SC, AL); Michel Abagail Hutto (1800's, SC, AL) m. Littleberry Fleming

VAN STERN: Mary Catherine Van Stern (1600's-1700's, Germany, SC) m. Isaac Hutto

BENNETT: Matthew Bennett, Sr. (1700's, poss. SC, GA); Matthew Bennett, Jr. (1700's, poss. SC, GA); Jane Bennett (1700's, poss. SC, GA) m. James Fleming

WITHERSPOON: John Witherspoon (1600's-1700's, Scotland, Ireland, SC); Janet Witherspoon (1600's-1700's, Scotland, Ireland, SC) m. John Fleming

CHANDLER: William Chandler (1700's, VA); Betty Chandler (1700's, VA) m. John LeGrand

SPRENCKEL: Margaret Sprenckel (1700's, PA, SC) m. Tobias Hendrix

CORAN/CARON: Jane Coran (1700's, SC or GA) m. Matthew Bennett, Jr.

FLEMING: John Fleming (1600's-1700's, Scotland, Ireland, SC); James Fleming (1700's, Ireland; SC); John Fleming (1700's-1800's, SC, AL); Littleberry Fleming (1800's, GA, AL); John Franklin Fleming (1800's-1900's, AL, TX; died in OK); Nancy Abigail Fleming (1800's-1900's, AL, TX) m. John Marion Shelton

CLARK(E): Henry Clark (1700's, VA); Thomas Clark (1700's-1800's, VA, GA); Nancy Clarke (1700's-1800's, prob. GA, TX) m. Henry Burdette

HILL: Empernal Hill (1700's, VA) poss. m. Henry Clark

IRBY: Peter Irby (1600's-1700's, VA); Francis Irby (1700's, VA); Jane Irby (1700's-1800's, VA, SC) m. Taliaferro Shelton

BUF0RD: Letitia Buford (1700's, VA) m. Crispen Elphas Shelton NOTE: I don't know if there is a connection with the earlier Buford line

BURDETTE: Frederick Burdette (1700's-1800's, SC); Henry Burdette (1700's-1800's, SC, GA, TX); Matilda Burdette (1800's, SC, GA, TX) m. Ervin Brown

LUCKEY: Isabel Luckey (1700's-1800's, SC) m. Henry Hendrix

FREY/FRYE/FRY: Philip Martin Frey (1700's-1800's, SC); Andrew Frey (1700's-1800's, SC, AL); Simeon Peter Fry (1800's, SC, AL); Mary Elizabeth Fry (1800's-1900's, AL, TX) m. John Franklin Fleming

DOYLE: Priscilla Doyle (1700's-1800's, VA) m. Thomas Clark

TALIAFERRO: Mary Taliaferro(?) (1700's, VA, SC) poss. m. Lewis Shelton

LOWRY/LOWERY: George N. Lowry (1700's-1800's, prob. GA, poss. AL); Mary E. Jane Lowry (1800's, AL, TX) m. Simeon Peter Fry

FLYNN: Mary "Polly" Flynn (1700's-1800's, SC, poss. GA, AL) m. John Fleming

SANDERS: Jane Sanders (1800's, GA, MS, TX) m. William Blaine Corbin

CORBIN: William Blaine Corbin (poss. GA, MS); Zilphey Corbin (1800's, GA, MS) m. Drury E. Shelton

BROWN: Ervin Brown (1800's, SC, GA, TX); Elizabeth Frances Brown (1800's-1900's, GA, TX) m. Harrison F. Bryant

KINDRED: A. Jackson Kindred (1800's, NC, MS, TX); Mary Ella Kindred (1800's-1900's, MS, TX) m. Edward Reagan Bryant

MORRIS: Elizabeth R. Morris (1800's, NC, MS, TX) m. A. Jackson Kindred

HENRY: Harriet Pritchett Henry (1800's-1900's, GA, AR, TX, OK) 1m. Lewis W. Shelton; 2m. A. Sexton

BRYANT: Harrison F. Bryant (1800's, GA, TX); Edward Reagan Bryant (1800's-1900's, TX); Jewell Edna Bryant (1800's-1900's, TX, MO) m. John Lewis Franklin Shelton

WATSON: Virgil Lee Watson (1900's, TX); Artice Virgil Watson (1900's, TX, NJ)

STURCH: Murtie Lee Sturch (1900's, TX) m. Virgil Lee Watson; Murtie's mother's name was Martha _____ Sturch (1800's-1900's, TX)

Hope someone out there can give me some help with these lines---or contact me if you think I can help you.

Jan in Missouri

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