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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Living and lack of E-dress >>> PHIL
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 22:51:20 EST

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> Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 11:14:31 -0800
> From: "Phil Stevens" <>
> Subject: Living and lack of E-dress >>> PHIL
> Be it proposed that Rootsweb Remove ALL Gedcoms from there System
> that Have an E-mail address That receives a Bounce in response to a sent
> message to it , Which message says , Please contact World Connect and
> your Posted Gedcom , OR remove it IF you are wanting people to not contact
> you


This will never happen, nor should it happen, for a variety of reasons.
GEDCOMs submitted to WorldConnect are USER-contributed data and are the
property and responsibility of the submitter. ALL User-contributed data is
subject to error and is only intended as a reference point for future
researchers to followup on leads they find in the data. There is no law
against submitting incorrect data.

The quality and value of the data found in the GEDCOMs has no direct
relationship to the fact that the email contact address is valid or invalid.
There are a growing number of GEDCOMs found on WorldConnect (as the program
increases in age) submitted by people who are now deceased and whose
intention it was to preserve their data intact although it is no longer
possible to reach the submitter (short of appearing on the TV show Crossing
Over <g>).

I also
> expected the Genealogical Community to band together and Put a Stop to the
> rampant proliferation of the Garbage on RW BUT possible that wish is
> foolhardy , There are just to many Damn ' pooperscoopers ' out there ,
> Gathering up family data where ever they can and Reposting it to RW as
> ' work '

And whose decision should it be which person's information is "garbage" and
which person's is accurate and valuable? The best way of ensuring that the
correct information is publicly accessible should you find data that you feel
in inaccurate on WorldConnect is to post your own documented information
which will then appear side by side with the incorrect information someone
else submitted. Then, future researchers will find it all in a search and
can sort out for themselves which is accurate and which isn't. Since there is
no way of removing all incorrect data from the Internet--the next best goal
is to ensure that the correct information is also posted publicly.
> So my question is ; Are you gonna stand by and do nothing ? , Or
> are you gonna take a stand and make your voice heard ??

I'm certainly not going to become a censor for genealogical data posted by
individual submitters. Suppose it turns out later on that YOUR information
is not accurate and the other person's was correct after all?
> Margaret make mention of people complaining about being on RW ,
> Which is what started this tirade
> I am shown in two trees on World connect , In NO Case did ether or the
> posters bother to contact me
> What is really SAD about it , The data presented is basically wrong ,
> was ' stolen ' from my brothers Family Tree Makers website
> Phil , LIVING , in
> Lynnwood WA
Again, there is no law against someone using YOUR name in THEIR GEDCOM
whether or not they are related to you or your family. Names, dates, and
places are public information and are not owned or controlled by anyone.
There is also no law that says data must be accurate--it is up to the person
viewing the data to decide whether to accept it or not. Counteract incorrect
posted information by posting the correct information--then future
researchers will have both files to view and choose between.


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