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From: "Phil Stevens" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ft Wayne Lib
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:06:40 -0800
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hi List , I would like to jump in to the fray , I personally think
FtWayne has messed up bigtime , I will not be doing my planned trip now , I
can Not get down to the floor level ,Unless there is a handhold to pull up
with , Or read sideways , Do to having bad eyes I wear glasses that allow
me to read stuff that is within 14 to 18 inches of my face , beyond that is
a BIG blurrrr , ....... Here in Seattle we are building a New Library Tooo ,
and Have a Temporary Library , Which is Fully Staffed !!!, All the people
are still working , Help is available for those that need it , But only 30%
of the books are in the open stacks , Any thing else you ask for and a
runner gets them out of the basement 15 minute tops ........ Phil
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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Ft Wayne Lib

> Is there anyone on this board who can collaborate what i have been saying
> the last two days? I am getting quite a few e mails from novices who have
> had the NEW experience of the lib. I dont consider myself totaly ignorant
> using a computer but i was lost and stayed lost for 3 hrs( a desk person
> give me a quick 10 sec tour of the computer and then left me stranded).
> only being able to dig up 5 books of which 3 were pamplet size(Michael
> Cassady on Irish Immagration to the states) and were bunced together. To
> those who had sent me e mails for lookup requests i wish to appologize for
> inabilaty to follow thru on their research-but the NEW setup at the
> was to overwhelming. Brian

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