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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Ft Wayne Lib
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 04:46:29 EST

I hope this posting makes it past the Rootsweb overseers. i think they kicked
out a couple of my postings without cause. I make no appologies for my "soap
box" hammering on the lib. I am a life time resident of IN(66yrs) and a tax
payer. My daughter lives in Allen Co and pays some 1500 in Co taxes. so if a
tax receipt is necessary passport to visit the lib then i should qualify.
also, on my first visit to the lib i registered and the donation envelope
beat me home asking for a donation.
OF MOST IMPORTANCE FOR US GENES is that i have accumulated over 20KBs of e
mails and postings from Rootsweb readers. The lib might even be in violation
of the ADA(American Disabilaties Act). I dont know i am not an attorney. It
would be hard for a wheel chair person or disabled person to browse the racks
of books when the shelves are over 6 feet high and start at floor leval.
Browsing is good but have you ever pulled out a book on a jammed shelf and
tried to find the hole it came out of? the lib staff was helpful but are not
staffed to handle the call card system that was in play up till the first of
the year.
I do appologize to those that i had promised to do some lookups for but was
unable to do them do to the change in the system. There is a lib in Chicago
that has both the call system and computer/browse method in place and works
fine. One does have to use both but since many of their books date back these
records are already on the index cards. only recent material is put or added
into the computer system. the computer system can handle both old and new
info. However, this then allows the index system/call card deal to continue.
The Ft Wayne Lib in not going thru remodeling as some think. They phsically
moved the gene dept to the fairly new lib and occupies the 3 rd floor of that
building which is a tremendous size and plenty of room for the index cards i
would think. This will pretty much rap up my Ft Wayne endeavors so keep the e
mails coming so i have plenty of info for the folks of Allen co. Keep the
posts coming here- i know i have saved many people pain, misery, frustration
by these posts Thank You Brian Hunt
contact me at the following

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