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From: "Edward C. Tocus" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Fort Wayne Library and Others
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:19:12 -0600

I have never been to the Fort Wayne Library but have been following this
thread. If the issue is that Fort Wayne now requires self-searching by
computer, that is indeed the current practice in many libraries and we
just have to learn to do it. What concerns me more is the report of six
foot-high stacks. In my experience, libraries seem always to expect
clients that are young and physically agile---I have patronized several
university libraries where I (by then already no longer young) had to
shinny up long narrow ladders that seemed right off an eighteeth-century
sailing vessel. Libraries are also fond of small stools on wheels that
roll away from you if you look at them cross-eyed. If libraries expect
to serve the public, then here's a bulletin for them: some of us are
getting on in years. We need access to those lofty shelves by means of
some firmly-set little household ladders with a bar across the top that
we can hold onto as we scale the heights. And your library doesn't have
to order them for $400 apiece from some professional library supply
catalog---introduce those good folk to your local Home Depot and, if
necessary, hold bake sales to pay for a couple of decent little ladders
before somebody breaks his/her fanny climbing around looking for a book.

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