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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Bath, OH
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:06:13 EST

In a message dated 3/12/03 9:53:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I will say that these old listings of telephone numbers and addresses do
> serve a small purpose.
> they are a nice little cross section of that period of time -(1960-1990?)
> much like city directories that we love to find.
> and can be used to give you a bit of a migration pattern inside the
> 1930-2003 range.
> and might give you a bit of a hint as to where to look for the 1930
> census..
> that is if your family is totally lost - use it kinda like a mini-soundex!

Pity, isn't it? That so many genealogists were disappointed, but those who
are not into genealogy were delighted to have their name in a book. My
father bought the Drake book and was pleased as could be. I didn't have the
heart to tell him the company had copied the telephone book error and listed
him as "Hazel" Drake.
Actually, I thought it was better than the telephone disks that listed by
state. At least I have a phone book of only Drake extractions in that year.
That in itself is valuable.

Now they own Burke's in England and we have to be suspicious of their
publications. A friend in London sent a site where Burke's can be visited
online with no charge and he agreed this esteem company is now compromised
with the Bath, OH company owning it.

Shirley Maynard

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