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Subject: [ROOTS-L] RE: RACZYNSKA Antonie
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 16:36:24 EST


From: "Maurice Trolliet" <>
Subject: RACZYNSKA  Antonie
Is somebody knows the biography of "Johann Strauss, father and son, A century
of light music", written by HEINRICH Eduard Jacob, translated by Marguerite
Wolf, American editions : (i) New York : Crown, 1939 ; or (2i) New York :
Greystone, 1940, 385 pages, 2 nd edition ;  or (3) Garden City : Halcyon
House, 1948 (reprint of Greystone edition) ????? I would be VERY INTERESTED
in having, if possible, a written transcription of the passage of this book
(I do not know the pages) which concerns  the travel of Johann Strauss in
PAVLOVSK in 1864-1865 and where it was told that the governor of Warsaw,
general Abramovich, refused to let him enter the country. Thanks in advance.

Good Afternoon TM and others interested,
Use the following URL or hyperlink. Simply type in the name Jacob under
Author and Strauss under Title. There seems to be over 100 of that book
available. I didn't check them all but those I did seemed to be around $10.
We have dealt with dealers from this site all over the world and they have
all been great. If there is someone close they most likely will let you
reserve the book and come in and pick it up thus saving the shipping charges.
Hope this helps, Gretchen

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