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Subject: [ROOTS-L] German research
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 13:00:36 -0600

nice info for our GERMAN folks..
you could spend days on this site..
great history
great maps..
a real candidate for your favorites list...

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From: "Don Watson" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 2:13 PM
Subject: HsGnWb Tips 'n Tricks....

> I've added a German database to the Table of Links found at ..........
> Just scroll down the left column to FOKO, GEDBAS, HADIS, etc., and click
> VORFAHREN SUCHE. It is in the German language, just like the other
> listed there. They are the German effort to produce databases similar to
> LDS database in Salt Lake City.
> The translation at Vorfahren Suche is......
> Name = Surname
> Exacte Suche = Exact Search
> Vorname = First Name
> Geb.Ort = Place of Birth
> Geb.-Jahr = Year of Birth
> Geschlecht = Sex
> Hilfe = Help
> Suche Starten = Start the Search
> There are some home pages listed in the left column.
> Questions? Always happy to provide the answer. If you don't find anyone
> using VORFAHREN SUCHE (Ancestor Search), try eliminating some of the
> entries, one at a time from the bottom up, until you finally find at least
> list of surnames.
> Here are some programs you can use .. if you want to.
> To screen E-Mail before it is downloaded from your server, use this handy
> little program, free or for a donation: . Once
> is downloaded it works on its own, but there are options for screening
> that potentially arrives on your computer.
> For anti-virus/worm protection, this is a great totally free program:
> To guard your computer ports against hackers, use this free program:
> I have 256 megs of RAM installed on the computer. Most today come with
> either 64 meg or 128 meg, so I upgraded for $15.00 at a computer store.
> can do it yourself for no labor charge. Then I bought FreeMemPro, a handy
> little program that constantly searches for more memory to run your
> I've seen mine go as high as 390 megs, which is optimal performance for
> computer, although some buy 512 meg. The machine just runs faster,
> especially on cable.
> I'm really happy with all of these.
> Happy Hunting!
> :-)
> Don
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