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From: "... valentine53179" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] organizing your stuff - one way to do it
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:22:46 -0600

to answer wendy's question and perhaps others -
found in roots 2003 archives "organizing" which is a repeat from:

"Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:37:13 EST
From: <>
Subject: way to do it

In a message dated 2/25/03 3:29:53 PM Pacific Standard Time,

Jim(kelly): I solved the problem of "multiple" names in a document and where it
should go with "multiple" copies of the document. Therefore it can be filed
in each persons folder which makes it so much easier than trying to retrieve
it from the "where-oh- where did I put that paper" file. I have
used several "systems" since I started my genealogy and I've now graduated to
a section for each of my direct lineage forbears. In other words; 5th Great
Grandfather Henry Campbell now has EVERYTHING that pertains to his life. His
son, Ambrose Campbell, the 4th Great has everything about him in his file;
and so forth. This includes: Wills, birth & death records, cemetery
records, land records, deeds, military records, etc. This gives me a more
comprehensive view of their life and makes it easier to access information
when I want to do a bio of each one. Each file also contains a descendency
chart and genealogy report of the whole family.

I don't know that this would work for everyone, but it is so much easier for
me not to have to shuffle between files to find things. The files can be
used in a binder also, which is nice to have when you go searching.

Phyllis Pengilly"

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