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Subject: [ROOTS-L] map clippings part 8
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 22:03:49 -0600

Anyone interested in finding the location of Hessen-Kassel (= Churhessen) should go to, a remarkable cartographic collection. To view the maps, you first have to download the Insight Viewer, which might take a while. Then click on Germany in the search list. You'll get a screen full of thumbnail maps, and the first one on the upper left should be "1844 Arrowsmith, John". Double click it. To enlarge the map, click first on the "+" on the toolbar, then on the map. Repeat this 2 or 3 times till you get the enlargement you want. To view a different area of the map, double-click somewhere off-center on the section you're looking at. Where you click will be the center of the new section that opens up.

The article below describes the David Rumsey map collection, which does include Buffalo maps. I've never gotten a good look at them because a plug-in is required. But see for yourself at: David Rumsey Historical Map Collection: The site is a little confusing, but not too bad if you read the instructions on the first page. Once you find your map(s), notice the toolbox in the lower right-hand corner. It's a bit dim and easy to overlook, but you can enlarge the maps and, presumably, print them out or save the grapic to your computer. FYI, all I did was click the "View the collection with Insight Browser" (this downloads into your memory, not onto your hard drive, apparently - Works with either Netscape or IE). Then I searched for the states, clicked on the thumbnail I wanted, and clicked the zoom to enlarge. They've an alternate method which is "designed for the researcher..." that downloads and installs a special softwa!
re. I did not try that.

The DuPage County USGenWeb page has the 1874 map on line

The German equivalent to the US AAA club is called ADAC. They have excellent maps. I have a 1:150000 of that region that is excellent. Any good bookstore (Borders and etc.) has maps from all over the world. However, if you are interested in relationships and distances, the online ShtetlSeeker ( is a great tool. It gives directions and distances from any point you desire. It also gives a list of the all villages from a central point. It will then link to MapQuest and give a map of the area at various zoom levels, even dowm to the street names in the smallest villages.

an excellent map of Germany. It is a Hallwag International Map I got a few years ago. Very detailed. It is titled "Deutschland/Germany" and it is 1:700,000. See

Historical maps may be of some help

Historical map

Historical map for Niedersachsen state survey who also trade in historical maps. to buy

Köhlen which is a little town in the Niedersachen (Lower Saxony) area, near Bremen, Hamburg and Bremerhaven. A lot of people confuse it with Cologne or Köln. Another good map is this covers the Niedersachen area. Or for Germany go to The home page is and this will give you the world.

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