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Subject: [ROOTS-L] O'Hare cemeteries and Illinois relatives
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:14:14 -0500

per Cindy Johnson eaddy no longer active 6/2003:
St. John's Cemetery, Cook Co., IL - monument transcription
Located on O'Hare Airport property north of Irving Park Road. at approximately division
This is only a partial list.
There is a set of train tracks that separate the cemetery
from Irving Park Road.
It is hard to stay longer than an hour at a time because the train comes and parks on the track there across the road and we could be stuck back there all night.

and check this for
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and if you are interested in the newsletter regarding these two cemeteries,contact Michael DIRECTLY at the addy below....DO NOT WRITE TO ME!Be sure to put O'Hare cemeteries in your subject... > St. Johannes Cemetery Alliance (SJCA)
> Newsletter
> 30 May 2003
> As I write this short newsletter the debate has been raging in the
> State legislation over the O'Hare expansion bill that is presently before
> the House. If a vote were to occur tonight or tomorrow it is believed to
> a very, very close vote, swinging one way or the other. So close as to be
> very uncomfortable. There is also word coming out of Springfield that the
> Senate may take up the cause this weekend, hoping to pass Daley's desire
> then passing debate back to the House. Backroom deals are no doubt in
> progress in an effort to sway the vote in Daley's/Expansion favor. In
> of all of this I pass along the following developmental notice:
> At a little before 5 PM on Friday, May 30, St. John's United Church of
> Christ filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the City of Chicago,
> Governor Blagojevich, and the Federal Aviation Administration. The
> seeks an injunction that would prevent the City of Chicago from doing
> anything to harm St. Johannes Cemetery, even in the event that the
> legislation pertaining to O'Hare Expansion passes in Springfield. The
> Church is now being represented by The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty,
> addition to its other lawyers, Joseph Karaganis and James Knippen. The
> Becket Fund is an extremely well recognized legal defense fund that
> represents Churches all across the United States, in cases like ours.
> Board of Advisors includes among others, Representative Henry Hyde,
> Orrin Hatch, Francis Cardinal George who is the Archbishop of Chicago,
> Eunice Kennedy Shriver and a group of highly regarded legal scholars. We
> are especially thankful to attorneys Anthony Picarello, Roman Storzer, and
> Derek Gaubatz of The Becket Fund, who have been working feverishly on this
> matter for the last several weeks. For more information on The Becket
> please see The Church's primary claims and those of
> Members concern violation of the religious beliefs and freedoms of the
> Church concerning the sacredness of St. Johannes as a final resting place
> for Members of the Church. Resthaven Cemetery, and certain of their
> members/officers, have also joined this lawsuit on religious grounds.
> Finally, the Church has joined forces in a separate suit with several
> municipalities, a representative homeowner and the local forest preserve
> district, which seeks to enforce various laws that apply to the FAA. The
> Church's lawyers believe that these laws require strict planning
> to be followed, prior to any action being taken with respect to land
> acquisition or destruction. We will keep you posted of any updates, as we
> are able and as events develop. We expect that various court hearings
> take place in the next few days, and we will continue to pray for a
> favorable outcome.
> So what can we, the supporters of St. Johannes and Resthaven Cemeteries do
> to continue to try and protect our religious and personal interests? ...
> ... I believe we need to be very, very vigilant at the moment. If you live
> anywhere within the vicinity of St. Johannes we need volunteers who would
> attentive to visiting the Cemetery, to keep an eye out for bulldozers. I
> not being an alarmist here, but rather, very serious and practical in
> of Mayor Daley's recent history and ways of dealing with things he does
> like. Meigs Field being a prime example.
> ... We need folks who will drive out in the mornings and in the
> or both. Cemetery visitation hours are 7:00am until 5:00pm daily. If any
> unusual activity is noticed within the cemeteries, or if for any reason
> are denied access, etc., then we need to be contacted immediately ...
> ... here is the best contact point to call: The Village of Bensenville at
> 630-766-8200 ...
> ... print out this page and take it with you when you visit the
> If you have a cell phone, be sure to have it with you. Visit the
> as often as you can. Take time to talk with and get to know anyone else
> is concerned with the future of these sacred burial places and who are
> visiting as well. Just this past holiday my wife and daughter and I were
> St. Johannes for several hours having a picnic and meet several other
> families who came out to visit, and had many very enjoyable chats ...
> time with your loved ones who have gone on before ... and time in prayer
> the future of our cemeteries - our religious freedoms, which Daley and
> others say don't apply to us anymore - and for wisdom and courage in
> whatever struggle may yet lie ahead.
> It is important, though, that anyone who can will visit the cemeteries, as
> often as possible, do so, so as to prevent the desecration of these
> as others would want to do.
> I will do my best to keep you all informed of any major developments that
> may occur. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of St. John's
> United Church of Christ and St. Johannes Cemetery.
> Sincerely,
> Michael M. Kirchhoff
> ________________________________________
> Michael Martens Kirchhoff, Sr.
> St. Johannes Cemetery Committee Member

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