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From: Charlotte Maness <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 10:03:35 -0600

Listen up all you HENSLEY fans!
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Jefferson Democrat
Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri

Part II


Accounts were allowed against the county as follows:

James HOPSON, for bridge lumber $7.60
Jos. HUFF, jail board of Mrs. BOLTINGHOUSE
at Ironton 8.00
Alex. CALAHAN, sawing wood 6.37
C.T. HORINE, circuit clerk, 21.05
T.J. JONES, part expense of arresting
T.H. McMULLIN, part expense of arresting
R.J. HAMRICK, for cord wood 18.75
M.V. HUSKEY, for cord wood 18.75
T.S. CONK, for cord wood 37.50
T.J. JONES, sheriff 108.10
H. STELBRINK, cost ---- ---- treasurer 800.00
H. HURTGEN, repairing ad(?) doors 5.30
T.H. McMULLIN, 2 months salary as pros
att'y 100.00
C.C. FLETCHER, county court justice 15.00
R. McCORMACK, county court justice 13.28
M.F. BYRNE, county court justice 14.50

MARRIED - BROOKS -- PATTERSON; -- By Rev. J.T. McMULLIN, Feb. 8, 1880,
Charles W. BROOKS, to Miss Celia A. PATTERSON, all of Plattin township,
Jefferson county.

OBITUARY - HENSLEY -- Feb'y 4th, 1880, at the residence of A.B. HENSLEY,
William HENSLEY, in the 90th year of his age.
Mr. HENSLEY would have been 90 years of age if he had lived till the
second of March next. He came to this county from .p.St. Louis county,
Mo;., in 1837, and resided here ever since. For the last sixty years he
lived a faithful Christian life, being a member of the Baptist church.
"By reason of strength" he had passed the age of three score and ten,
and nearly another score of years had been added to his days, when,
having completed his term of prohibition, he "fell on asleep," and is
"gathered to his fathers." Among his descendants and relatives are
numbered many of our most respected citizens, and though they might not
expect to reach the advanced age allotted him, his virtuous Christian
life is a good example for them to imitate.


Circuit Court of said County, January term, 1880, Saturday, January 31,
1880. Delphia WILLIAMS, Plaintiff vs. George H. WILLIAMS, Davis
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth FITCHENKHAM and George FITCHENKAM, her husband,
James WILLIAMS, Charles THOMAS, Clement THOMAS, Emmeline JACKSON, Geo.
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth MARSHALL (formerly Elizabeth WILLIAMS), and John
MARSHALL, her husband, Emma M. WILLIAMS, Austin WILLIAMS, Cassandar C.
REED, and John REED, her husband, Defendants.
AT THIS DAY comes the plaintiff herein, by his attorney's and filed
her amended petition and affidavit, alleging, among other things, that
defendants Clement THOMAS and Emeline JACKSON are non-residents of the
state of Missouri, or have absconded or absented themselves from their
usual place of abode in this state so that the ordinary process of law
cannot be served upon them: whereas it is ordered by the court that said
defendants be notified by publication that plaintiff has commenced a
suit against them in this court, the object and general nature of which
is to obtain a decree of said court partitioning the following described
real estate, situate in Jefferson county, state of Missouri, viz.: The
se ar of se qr sec. 29, town 42, north of range No. 5, cont 40 acres;
also the nw qr of nw qr sec 23 town 40 north of range 5 east, cont 40
acres; also w 1/2 of nw qr sec No. 4 township 40, north range 5 east,
cont 80 acres; also the e 1/2 of e 1/2 of ne qr sec 5 township 40 north
range 5 east, cont 40 acres; also that part of the sw frl qr of sw fr'l
qr of sec 9 town 40 north range 5 east, described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the ne corner of land conveyed to W.S. NULL by J.M. ENGLAND
and wife, thence north 17 deg 30 east 3.20 chains, thence north 67 deg
30 west 2.97 chains to ne corner of land conveyed to L.C. MEDLEY by J.R.
TUTTLE and wife; thence s 35 deg w 3.68 chains to the nw corner of land
conveyed to said NULL by said ENGLAND and wife, thence south 73deg east
4 chains to place of beginning, cont one and 30-100 acres: also lots No.
1 and 16 in block 6 in the town of Hematite; and plaintiff states in
said petition the interest of said defendants in and to said real estate
is as follows, to-wit: The said Clement THOMAS is entitled to the
undivided 1.48 and the undivided 1.21 of the undivided 1.32 the said
Emmeline JACKSON is entitled to the undivided 1.28 and to the undivided
1-21 of the undivided 1-52 of said lands; and that unless the said
Clement THOMAS and Emmeline JACKSON be and appear at this court at the
next term thereof, to be begun and holden at the court house in the town
of Hillsboro in said county on the second Monday of May next, and on or
before the sixth day of said term, answer or plead to the petition in
said cause, the same will be taken as confessed, and judgment will be
rendered accordingly. And it is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published according to law in the JEFFERSON DEMOCRAT, a newspaper
printed and published in Jefferson county, State of Missouri.
A true copy from the record. Witness my hand and the seal of the
circuit court of Jefferson county, this 6th day of February, 1880. C.
Tho. HORINE, Circuit Clerk. WILLIAMS & GREEN, Att'y for Pl'ff.


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