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From: Charlotte Maness <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 19:33:14 -0600

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Jefferson Democrat
Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri


Among the new suits brought in the circuit court of this county, are two
by J.B. COFFIN against C.W.S. VINYARD -- one in behalf of his boy who
got his hand mashed in Mr. VINYARD's threshing machine, for $5,000, and
one in his own behalf for medical attention to the boy, for $450. J.C.
McMULLIN sues Francis CAMPBELL and wife for $5,----- damages for slander.

Returns from threshing machines are beginning to come in. Messrs. Jacob
SMITH, Louis and Wm. KLEINSCHMIDT, and Jacob HALTER, keep a machine for
their own convenience and the following is a statement of their crops:
Jacob SMITH, 745 bushels; Wm. KLEINSCHMIDT, 563; Louis KLEINSCHMIDT,
666; Jacob HALTER, 428; total, 2,102. SAEGER, HELD & Co., of Rock
township, threshed 7,860 bushels of wheat and 550 of oats. Worked 24 days.

Constable DAVIS, of Joachim township, brought to jail last Friday
evening a man named James McCULLOUGH, charged with horse stealing in
Illinois. The horse was brought to this county and sold. McCULLOUGH
will only be kept here till the Illinois authorities come for him. He
is a stranger here, having been in the county about two months; living
near Crystal city with a couple of women who have the name of being
loose characters. They have been occupying as a residence an old stable
on the Crystal City Co's grounds, and Superintendent NEAL has been
wanting to get rid of them ever since they took possession.

COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS - September 6, 1880 - Order heretofore made to
re-open old road through lands of Francis GREGORY and Martin SANDMAKER,
rescinded, and overseer ordered to work new road as now traveled.

Report of coroner's inquest over body of Benjamin GOWAN approved, and
bill of $21.20 costs allowed, and ordered certified to the railroad
company for pay.

Demands were allowed against the county as follows:
Henry SECKMAN, building bridges $219.70
F. GRIMM, repairing Lemay Ferry bridge 12.25
T.H. McMULLIN, pros. att'y 100.00
R & T.A. ENNIS, stationery 6.65
Geo. D. BARNARD, stationery 6.10
Jas. O. WILLIAMS, hauling lumber 2.00
H.N. JENKINS, stove for county farm 62.00
Gust. HAMEL, lumber 6.40
R.W. McMULLIN, stationery 6.50
Chas. SWINGLER, carpenter work at county
farm 26.00
Chas. SWINGLER, carpenter work at jail 2.60
W.R. DONNELL, cash for freight, etc. 12.45
John WINOM, building culvert 35.50
J.B. DOVER, road commissioner 35.00
C.C. FLETCHER, county court justice 4.28
R. McCORMACK, county court justice 4.28
M.F. BYRNE, county court justice 5.56
Court adjourned till 1st Monday in November.

MARRIED - WOLF - NEUMULLER -- Sept. 5, 1880, at the German church, on
Sandy, by the Rev. Ernest LEHMAN, Mr. William WOLF, of Chicago, Ill., to
Miss Emily NEUMULLER, of St. Louis, Mo.


A new boy arrived in the family of B.F. BOUGHTON, our village butcher,
last Saturday. This makes their fourth boy.

Mr. George L. BURRELL, formerly of this county, was married on the 19th
of Aug., to Mrs. Emma LYON, of St. Louis, Rev. J.W. ALLEN officiating.

CIRCUIT COURT NOTES - The grand jury is composed of John O'FALLON,
foreman, and Aquilla WILSON, John VINYARD, Henry SCEMEL, John T. BYRD,
Chas. CADWALLADER, Bernard CREAN and Oliver CROMWELL. From the number
of subpoenas they are placing in the hands of the sheriff, and the
number witnesses constantly at the door, the jury must have a great deal
of work on hands. Judging from the character of the men who compose the
jury the work will be well done.

Michael ROARK was granted divorce from Alice ROARK -- he to pay costs of

Louise MILLER was divorced from Bernhardt MILLER and Ella B. CARPENTER
from Benjamin CARPENTER.

DE SOTO ITEMS -- By H.S. JENKS - De Soto, Mo., Sept. 14, 1880 - Will F.
EDGAR has returned home from Wyoming Territory, where he has been
ranching it for the past two years.

"BOYNE's addition" is generally supposed to be located in the south-west
end of the city; but there is some mistake about that, as it is located
on the railroad, in the position of conductor. Notice the following:
Married -- At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. John H. WRIGHT to
Miss Sarah BOYNE. Rev. A. McDOUGAL officiated.

C.H. MALLORY has sold out his livery stable to HUFF & CLARK. Mr. HUFF
is from Caledonia, Washington county, and Mr. CLARK from Mineral Point,
same county.

Mr. ACKERSON, commonly called "Dad," has moved his family to Poplar
Bluff. Mr. ACKERSON is conductor on the Cairo branch.


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