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From: Charlotte Maness <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 17:53:37 -0600

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Jefferson Democrat

Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri

Part II


For cause shown, Christian BRUNS was divorced from his wife Catharine.

Some two years since Joseph PURSALL came from England to work for the
Crystal City Glass Co., leaving his wife Elizabeth to follow at a later
date. She remained nearly two years before coming over, and gave birth
to a child soon after arriving here. This was the reason why Joseph
refused to live with her, and why the court granted him a divorce. She
made no defence and hence the record does not show whether or not she
had received a letter from her husband at the proper time.

OBITUARY - Robert LEE, son of Henry and Charlotte OGLE, passed away on
Christmas morn, after an illness of some time. Little LEE was nearly 8
years old, and was a promising boy. But God, who does all things right,
has pleased to removed him to the home of the blessed. J.M. McFARLAND.


Mr. Jos. WHITE, of Sandy, died last Friday, after a lingering
illness--aged 76 years.

On the 24th inst. Mr. Geo. HABERBERGER, of near Maxville, had the
misfortune of losing his house and contents, the whole being destroyed
by fire, which originated in the garret from some unknown cause. The
building was a large double-log house, with a kitchen attached. Nearly
all of the furniture was destroyed, as was also a few hundred bushels of
wheat and other grain, a quantity of pork, 12 or 15 barrels of wine,
cider and vinegar, and a quantity of potatoes stored in the cellar.
Several persons hearing the alarm repaired to the scene as quick as
possible, ut were too late do much in the way of saving articles. Mr.
HABERBERGER's hands were badly burned, and his dog was burned up. There
was no wind at the time or he would have also lost his barn and other
out buildings. His loss is about $1200. No insurance.

The officers of Cope Stone, R.A. Chapter, De Soto, Mo., were installed
at their hall last Tuesday evening. Mr. John R. PARSONS of St. Louis act
as G.H.P., and Mr. GATES of the same place as Marshall. The
installation was in public, and was witnesses by as many as could crowd
into the hall. The officers installed were E.B. SMITH, P.H.; T.H.
R.A.C.; J.L. THOMAS, G.M. 3d V.; L.L. BURGESS, 2d V.; Elmer KEMPI, 1st
V.; S.W. CRAWFORD, Treasurer; Newt. HAWKINS, secretary; and H.P. DECKER,
tyler. The installation was preceded and followed by appropriate hymns
by Mrs. DURGAN, Mrs. BAINBRIDGE, Dr. VOLKER and Messrs. G. and H. HAMEL,
and Geo. FLINT.

KIMMSWICK ITEMS - by Zulu - Kimmswick, Mo., Jan'y 26, 1880. On Thursday
last mr. Hugh DOUGHERTY formerly of New York, and Miss Lena
RAUSCHENBACH, youngest daughter of Gustave and Elizabeth RUSCHENBACH,
were united in marriage at the Catholic church. The ceremony was
lengthy and imposing. A large number of friends of the contracting
parties were present to present their congratulations. The bride was
handsomely attired in purple silk. elaborately trimmed in the latest
style. Miss Hattie POWERS and her younger sister, of St. Louis, were
the two bridesmaids, and Mr. Robert and Otto RAUSCHENBACH, brothers of
the bride, officiated as groomsmen. After the ceremony was over and
congratulations had been completed, the bridal party with their more
intimate friends returned to the National hotel, where the wedding
dinner was spread. the table was bountifully supplied with the
delicacies of the season. The happy couple go to house-keeping at
once--Mr. DOUGHERTY having rented Mr. WAGNER's handsome frame house on
Market street, which he has had overhauled and furnished throughout.

Mr. John CRAWSHAW, engineer of the PECKHAM Iron works, had his hand
badly mashed while making some repairs to the machinery of the works.
Dr. SPALDING was called in, and found it necessary to amputate the
fore-finger, which he proceeded to do in a skillful manner, and soon had
his patient's wound dressed in good shape. At this writing Mr. CRAWSHAW
is getting along comfortably.

Mr. STRUBE has just finished a contract of delivering four hundred tons
of ice twelve inches in thickness, on the cars at this place, for the
I.M.R.R. Co., who ship it to Texarkana, Ark.


A two year old child of A.G. MEDLEY, of Meramec township, died week
before last, of croup.

F.M. WILEY of Big River township has sold his farm, and moves this week
to Phelps county, Mo.

Mrs. Elizabeth HELTERBRAND, wife of Henry HELTERBRAND of Meramec
township, died Jan. 27, 1881, aged about 55.

Esq. FRAZIER has lost five horses during the past year, the last one--a
fine young horse, died a few days since of pneumonia.

Jacob STROUP, of this county, has lately lost the use of his right arm,
by paralysis. His friends were raising a subscription this week to
enable him to visit some medical spring.

Esq. FRAZIER had a big case before him last Friday, judging from the
number of witnesses in attendance. T.C. CARVER sued H. MEYER for
dogging his hogs, and the jury gave him a verdict of seven dollars.

Miss Matilda FORESTER, daughter of Henry M. FORESTER of Big River
township attempted to commit suicide the other day, by taking laudanum.
She intended to get to bed before its effects would be felt, but was
mistaken in the nature of the drug, as it made her very sick and
apprised the family of the fact that something was wrong, and Dr.
STEGMAN was immediately sent for. He succeeded in saving her live.
Unrequited affections and misplaced confidence supposed to be cause
which prompted the deed, and a young man named James MERCEIL is given as
the author of his downfall. It is reported that she is not his only
victim, and that he has left the country.

KIMMSWICK ITEMS - By Zulu - Kimmswick, Mo., Feb'y 2, 1881. Mr. SPENCER
and family have gone to St. Louis to spend a month or two.

A wedding took place on Thursday evening last in the neighborhood of the
Lutherian church. Mr. John GENIZ and Miss Maria AVERBECK were the
contracting parties. The Rev. Peter WISELOW performed the ceremony.
After the happy couple had been heartily congratulated by all present,
various plays were indulged in, which the Rev. WISELOW took part in.


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