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From: Charlotte Maness <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] MISSOURI, Jefferson Co., BIRTHS & etc.
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2003 19:17:34 -0700

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Jefferson Democrat

Hillsboro, Jefferson county, Missouri


COUNTY;, Mo., for the year ending Feb'y 28, 1881. - Cash received by
Mrs. Nancy BAINBRIDGE, being county clerk's fees in road case refunded.

Miss Wina THOMAS has gone to Lebanon, MO., to spend the spring and
summer with Mrs. BLAND.

Miles BURK was the happiest Irishman in Victoria on St. Patrick's Day.
A new boy had just arrived at his house.

Charles BENSON, son of Stephen BENSON, of Rock township, died March 25,
1881, aged 19, after a week's painful illness, of spinal meningitis.

Richard HOEKEN's little two year old boy has begin a rough experience
for one of his age. One day last week he fell on a needle with which
his mother was sewing. It still remains in. A couple of days
afterwards he swallowed a silver dollar, which has not yet been removed,
and his parents are very uneasy about him.

Mrs. VINYARD's residence at Victoria caught fire last Sunday afternoon,
and but for the heroic efforts of some of her neighbors would have been
destroyed. The fire originated in a pile of shavings in the kitchen,
and the flames had reached the roof when discovered. Messrs. J.F. CROSS
and J.B. COFFIN were especially efficient in fighting the fire. The
damage to the building amounted to about $100.

PROBATE COURT - Mary A. LANHAM was appointed guardian of Carrie LANHAM,
aged 11; bond of $200 approved.

Alice R.B. HERRINGTON chose W.P. GRAHAM as her guardian; bond of $300

Albert HENSLEY chose Geo. HENSLEY as his guardian.

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. KENER(?) died on the 28th, aged about one

Dr. Emil SPALDING(?) is lying quite low with the typhoid fever.

Mr. and Mrs. N.B. HARLOW arrived home from Florida today. Mr. and Mrs.
J.T. HARLOW will arrive tomorrow from the same point, where they have
been spending the winter.

CIRCUIT COURT NOTES - The case against Elias HUSKEY, charged with
murder, was dismissed. It will be remembered that Elias and Millard
HUSKEY were indicted for murder of Andrew WILSON and Martha
SHULTZ--Millard for doing the shooting and Elias for being an
accessory--and that Millard was tried and acquitted. There was no good
reason for making any more cost in the case against Elias, as there was
no probability of his being convicted, and so the cause was very
properly dismissed.

Isaac REED, who was tried last week for murdering Henry POST--the jury
failing to agree--afterwards by consent of court and prosecuting
attorney, withdrew his plea of not guilty and entered a plea of guilty
of manslaughter in the 3d degree, and the court sentenced him to pay a
fine ---- and as his retention in jail would have resulted in cost to
the county, he was discharged until further orders.

Walter S.P. COFFIN, son of J.B. COFFIN, who got crippled last fall by
Mr. C.W.S. VINYARD's threshing machine, entered suit against VINYARD for
damages. The suit was tried last week and the result was a verdict for
the defendant.

James C. McMULLIN sued Frank CAMPBELL for slander, but took a nonsuit at
this term. The other case of McMULLIN and wife against Miss Martha
CAMPBELL resulted in a verdict for plaintiff for $500.

Geo. D. HAWKINS was made a full citizen of the United States.

DE SOTO ITEMS - By H.S. JENKS - De Soto, Mo., March 28, 1881 - R.H.
MULLIGAN has moved his news depot to the building formerly occupied by
WILLIAMS' saloon, two doors south of MANHEIMER's...A citizens meeting
convened purusant to a call at RATHBURN's hall last Wednesday evening.
Col. WEAR was called to the chair, and Geo. W. JONES was elected
secretary. After the chairman had stated the object of the meeting--the
nomination of two men for the office of school director at the coming
election, Tuesday, April 5th, and W.T. ROBERTSON and Geo. DURGIN were
nominated. The house was then divided into wards for the purpose of
selecting candidates for aldermen. The first ward having only a small
number present, they decided to adjourn to meet at the school house
Friday night, at which time they nominated Valentine METZ and R.
BUROOUGHS (there being two to elect in this ward on the account of the
recent resignation of alderman WEIRE. Dr. Jas. KEANEY was the nominee
of the 2d ward, and P.C. ZOLLMAN to represent the 3d. At the 1st ward
meeting Mr. George HAWKINS was nominated for school director--the
meeting endorsing the nomination of W.T. ROBERTSON. At the last meeting
of the council City Marshal BROWN handed in his resignation, which was
accepted and in a special election ordered for April 5th to fill the
vacancy--pending which the Mayor appointed M.V.B. MADISON, who will be a
candidate for the position. Mr. S. ROCK(?) also propses to compete with
Dr. KEANEY to represent the 2d ward. The principal intrest of the
election will however center on the location or present "site" selected
by the board for the new school house...Joseph BLACKMILLER, a painter at
the shops died quite suddenly last tuesday night with spasms, supposed
by his friends to be the result of lead poison or painter's colic...Mr.
Ed. FLETCHER of St. Louis is visiting in town...Geo. MAHN is having a
glass front put his in bakery...Will EDINGER starts for Wyoming again
tomorrow...MANHEIMER shipped a large bill of goods down the road
today...Our former townsman, A. COON, was again among us last week. He
has been in the Deadwood neighborhood ...This morning (Tuesday) the
unwelcome cry of fire was heard, when everybody on the street responded,
a dense smoke was found issuing from the second story of Andy MAENER's
saloon. Search being made the fire was found in a small room used as a
closet for clothing, etc., and was soon extinguished. The room being
closed the fire could get no draft, but it was not discovered a minute
too soon. Considerable clothing was ruined and the room damaged.
Origin unknown, but was suupposed to have caught from a lamp in the
hands of someone who had visited the closet early in the morning...Dr.
BELL of Potosi is in town...Randal KEMPE sports a new tinker spring
buggy--his horse also appears to be quite new--to the buggy
business...Huge THAU is again in town, and will soon open a saloon in


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