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From: "MScheffler" <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Need Advice on Organizing Items
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 13:38:42 -0400
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For most of the period I have been researching I have kept documents by
surname in metal file cabinets. At the beginning I used a system of
notebooks which I simply outgrew.

Realizing that likely no one will ever want all the papers I have
accumulated, I have scanned important ones from our family's direct and
collateral lines and put them with all the collected scanned pictures and
computer generated database and book on dvd rom disks and sent them out to
interested family. This process is inexpensive, so I can redo the dvds when
I accumulate more of interest.

Knowing that computer media can deteriorate or change over time, I have
printed out a few books of family history including some interesting
documents and photos and have them bound for interested family. I may
eventually do a couple for libraries as well. I also make computer generated
books occasionally, save them to file and email them out to interested
family as I update.

In addition I have scanned a couple old journals to put on the dvd as
well as typed copies of the contents since the originals were hard to read.

As far as organizing individual pieces of paper with one of the programs
out there, it appears that most people who try this approach soon tire of
the amount of time and work involved, and do not keep at it. Personally I
would rather spend time on my research rather than finely organizing what is
in my file cabinets.

I guess what each person needs to decide is what of their information
their children or other relatives might want, and if the children will later
carry on the research. Time is short, so in the uncertainty that one's
children or other relatives will carry on, I would rather share the results
in terms of database or printed out books, scanned pictures, scanned
documents rather than organizing the many photocopies, census pages, etc.
that I have collected.

What to do with the really good original source material such as
original journals, letters, photos etc. may take more thought. If the
children do not want these, you might want to seek out an institution or
organization that would preserve them. For materials that need special
care, you may want to seek out advice from experts who store materials for
specialized archives, museums, etc.

How we organize and pass on material will probably vary considerably
from person to person and how interested we believe the recipients will be
to carrying on our research, if at all.

Margaret Scheffler

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> wrote:

>It's now time to begin the formidible task of organizing all my documents,
>pictures, and related items gathered over the past few years. I will be
>appreciative of any advice, resource info, on how to organize not only the
>ancestral information, but how to best store old journals, documents,
>newspaper clippings etc. My goal is that each of my three children will
>a CD or DVD comlete with the ingormation I have gathered, but one of them
>will undoubtedly be the inheritor of the originnal documents. I'm aware of
>many of the software programs out there, but I'm really banking on your
>and practiced advice. Bll Brewer

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