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From: "liz Parmalee" <>
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 11:03:53 -0400
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They would like to have a monopoly, but they do not. Heritage Quest does a
good job with censuses, You can access a lot of data through the FHL by way
of the Family History Centers that are located throughout the country, and
through local libraries. Ancestry is good for those who can afford it, and
don't have the time to go to places their relatives are. I personally do
not have a sub anymore because my local library has given access to Heritage
Quest to all it's card holders for free. We also have a wonderful genealogy
library that you can go and use Ancestry there for free. There are ways to
work around it.
Liz Parmalee
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> Does anyone besides me think has created a
> monoply on genealogical information? It seems they
> have put thmeselves into the position of charging high
> fees for data that should be free to researchers.

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