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From: Kathie Harrison <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L]
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:07:13 -0500
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Ancestry owns Rootsweb which IS free and all the mail lists are free
including the web sites that are hosted on Rootsweb.

Genealogy research has NEVER been free and it takes many hours of
scanning old books, census, etc and why should all of it be free? The
USGenWeb Project, USGenNet, American History and Genealogy Project
(AHGP, American Local History Network, Inc. (ALHN), The Mardos
Memorial Online Library are just a few of the free sites online.

So if you want free, you must also remember that the volunteers work
long and hard to make ALOT of this free for you. Ancestry is in a
business and yet provide you with access to MANY FREE sites, etc.
Ancestry may have a monopoly but they have employees to pay and a
business to run. Nothing in this life is really free.

Someone has to PAY for the servers that these sites are all on. So
none of it is truly free. Someone does have to pay.

I volunteer as a Co. Coordinator and website manager for several
genealogy sites online and also administer several lists and message
boards at Rootsweb/Ancestry. I don't get paid for any of my work,
other than the satisfaction of helping others. Ancestry is but a part
of the online genealogy community. Maybe you would like to become a
volunteer in one of the many areas to help others further their family
history research?

Take care, Kathie Harrison
Lancaster Co., NEGenWeb Project
"A people without history is like wind on the buffalo grass." ~~Sioux proverb


On 7/14/05, Ken Conklin <> wrote:
> Does anyone besides me think has created a
> monoply on genealogical information? It seems they
> have put thmeselves into the position of charging high
> fees for data that should be free to researchers.

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