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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Rude Cousins
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 00:02:30 EDT

I've another story to share. This time with a wonderful outcome.

My dad used to do all his genealogy via correspondence the old fashioned
way. One letter at a time. He sent out several about a year before his death.
Most of them he got responses, but one he never did -- that is -- until
after he passed away!

Come to find out, the person had received the letter and had put it in a
dresser with intentions of responding but never did. Then one day, was cleaning
out the drawer and found the letter. They were embarrassed to say the
least. They answered my dad's letter, but only learned of his death when I
responded back to tell them thank you for answering.

I sent a follow up letter or two after that to get more information, but
never got a response back to those letters. I guess they put the letter into
another drawer and forgot about it. Perhaps they will respond in another 30-40
years -- as I expect to live as long as my mom who just died this past
November at the age of 96! So they had better outlive me to answer!

Christie Trapp

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