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From: Christine Schott <>
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Re: Thumb drives
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 16:43:23 -0400
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I've found that the newer versions of Windows (specifically XP)
recognize all brands of thumb drives without a problem and without
having to install drivers. The older versions of Windows (95 and 98)
usually need drivers. And it's usually a different driver for each
brand (Lexar "Jump" drives have different drivers than ScanDisk drives,
etc). However, those drivers are usually online and easily downloadable
at the manufacturer's website. So, you shouldn't need to carry the
driver CD around with you.

Also, be careful when transferring files between Mac and PC machines.
For a long time, both types were reading my jump drive just fine. Then
something happened (I haven't been able to figure out what) and the PC
stopped reading it. I copied all the info from it to my hard drive and
re-formatted the jump drive on the Mac and it still didn't show up on
the PC. Finally I formatted it on the PC and now both can read it
again. Very odd.

My jump drive is my favorite computer accessory ever!


>A word of caution, if you plan to transport said data to another computer. Last year I took a bunch of
>files of pictures to a friend on my thumb drive. He had, I recall, Windows 98 on his computer -- maybe
>95. Anyway, even though he had a USB port, it wouldn't read the thumbdrive without adding a driver, and of
>course I hadn't carried the CD with the drivers on it across the country.
>So don't "assume" (we *all* know what happens when you do that! <G>) that all thumb drives will be read in
>all computers.
>Ain't technology great?
>Pat (in Tucson)

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