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From: "MScheffler" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry World tree project surprise!
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 02:22:59 -0400
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I cannot answer in detail, but when Ancestry was beginning the One World
Tree program, they wrote to people about having their information which was
in the Ancestry shared database included. If your information was included
without your having denied permission for your information, then you must
have shared your files with someone else who submitted your material.

I happen to believe that when we share online well researched material,
we all benefit. On several occasions people have written to me offering
material that I would never have received unless I had first shared a
database online.

So, the bottom line is -- if you did not share your database with
Ancestry or WorldConnect in gedcom format, then someone you sent your gedcom
material to did so. The material did not get to an online shared database
without someone submitting it.

I personally find the WorldConnect database and its equivalent on
Ancestry of more value than the One World Tree material. But that is my
opinion. I do like Ancestry in general, and for one who cannot spend hours
in a library or traveling to do onsite research at this point in time,
Ancestry is a wonderful asset to my own research .

The bottom line is that if you do not want your information to show up
online. DO NOT share it with anyone. Once any one of us send off a gedcom
file to ANYONE , it is no longer in our control. I personally made some
mistakes in one of my direct lines, and eventually found the mistakes
included in a Kindred Konnections database that a third party downloaded
from Ancestry and submitted there.

Personally I believe sharing is preferred over not doing so, provided
the people who share make an effort to be accurate and share sources. Is
any service perfect? No. No one stole anyone's database from an
individual's computer. It required someone purposefully submitting it. If
one does not want to see their information in an online database, then share
it with no one. But this is an endeavor where we need help from others....

Margaret Scheffler

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From: "Pat Stansbury" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 12:15 AM
Subject: [ROOTS-L] Ancestry World tree project surprise!

> Can anyone tell me how does the Ancestry World tree project get your
> family
> files ? I was shocked to see that ALL my research and notes, public &
> private about my family are on Ancestry World Tree on the internet for
> everyone to see. Much of my notes were for private family information
> only.
> I can't believe this, as I never sent in that information. Also, is there
> a
> way to have it taken off ? Has anyone else had a problem like this? How
> can
> they just get our hard earned research without our permission and then
> make
> a profit by it ? All the genealogists including myself, share their
> research
> gladly with others, but to have it taken without permission, and displayed
> only to paying customers is an outrage. I'd like to hear from others with
> the same opinion.
> Pat in AZ

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