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From: "MScheffler" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Re: Ancestry World Tree Project Surprise
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:57:46 -0400
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Collections of names and facts such as those in a genealogy database
cannot be copyrighted. This is information that is in the public domain. If
the content and formatting of the notes is original, there might some
question about copyrights there and one might want to write and ask the
submitter of the material to remove the original notes that were not their
own. I don't understand the comment about suing Ancestry as they merely
provide the server space and opportunity for people to freely share their
databases. Someone did share the original database with
Ancestry/WorldConnect, but they had to have obtained it first from the
person who created the database that has found its way online.

Margaret Scheffler

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> I did a limited amount of research through an attorney, and was told that,
> If
> you wrote the information, and can prove it is a copy of your original
> information, then they have stolen your copyright. If that is the case,
> then
> could potentially be sued for printing information they have
> no
> copyright too.
> Copyrights do not neccessarily have to be sent to a copyright office to be
> a
> copyright.

> Jane

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