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From: Jeane Fuller Dalrymple <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Cheek Meat
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 13:48:05 -0800 (PST)
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It was definetly meat I remember souse and head cheese. This stuff looked like what they call pork loin, about two inches wide. and fairly round had some fat on it. ...Some one on this list suggested that it was from the hind-quarters the cheeks of the butt of the hog.
I remember our grocery man who was of Strict Jewish Faith did not like to touch pork and the cheek (cheaper than the rest of the meat) he was almost asking God's forgiveness for touching that unclean meat.
He was a wonderful little man though and when we could afford beef he always added a little more than 16ounces for a pound He got a few hugs from me and my sis and brother when he would sneak us a piece of candy. ..
I am sure he went to heaven

Shirley Love <> wrote:
Jeane wrote:

To this date I have never found out what kind of pork my dad called 'Cheek meat" but he would buy in large amounts. and it was used as a meat or with potatoes and gravy.

I have suspicions this might be what we called souse or "head cheese." Sounds awful, I know, but it was the meat from the hog's head. First you had to be sure you scraped the head fully so there would be no hairs! Nothing could ruin head cheese more than finding a coarse hog's hair in it! ;-)
The ground meat had enough fat on it to form a gelatin when it was cooked, and Mom would pour it into a large pan....Let it cool and slice it thinly and fry it, much like you would do with cornmeal mush. Or, and this was my favorite...slice it for sandwiches like a cold cut.
I don't remember all the ingredients used, but I think there was a little sage in it and maybe some onions.
Maybe some of the other 'oldtimers' can tell us more about it.

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