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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Invasion of privacy
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 04:30:05 +0000

In this day and age with identity theft on the rise, I don't think it is wise to put the name of any living person in our family trees on line. Call it a courtesy to the living and a safe guard for those we care about.
One of the first things you are asked by a bank is the name of your parents, or your mother's maiden name. Sometimes this is a part of your password as well.
The truth is that it takes very little information for a thief to steal someone's identity. So more and more people are put out by having their names bantered about the net without reguard for their feelings.
I know how good it feels to add another name to our trees, but just like checking our sources, and editing things we cannot prove to be true, we must consider our families feelings, as well as the risks to them.
The sad truth is that not everyone on the net has honest intentions no matter how pure your intentions are.
Mark it up to another learning experience as we are all learning something new as we trod along. Good luck.

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