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From: Neal Underwood <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 04:48:02 -0600
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According to my reading of the FAQ's at:
this is the situation regarding family trees:

1. All user-submitted family trees at Ancestry/Rootsweb have come from one
of three origins: Ancestry World Tree, Ancestry Online Family Tree or
Rootsweb World Connect. This reflects the website through which the tree
was originally submitted.

2. At some point all trees were merged into one master database (ca. Oct
2001?). It is this same database which is viewed from either Rootsweb or

3. Ownership/origin of each tree is uniquely identified by a "user code"
e.g. "JonesTree" or "Jones123" or "123456" etc.

4. This code appears within the URL's that access the tree:

5. A prefix to the user code identifies the origin of the tree:
- If the code begins with a colon, it was originally uploaded through
the website.
-- If the code begins with a colon followed by an "a" it was originally
uploaded through Ancestry World Tree; e.g. :aJonesTree or :aJones123 or
-- If there is no "a" after the colon, it was uploaded through Ancestry
Online Family Tree; e.g. :JonesTree or :Jones123 or :123456
- If there is no colon prefix, it was originally uploaded from Rootsweb
World Connect.

6. Edit or removal of a family tree must be done through the site it was
originally submitted through, using the appropriate user logon ID and
password. Detail steps at the above links.
- Ancestry World Tree (removal only): Call customer service
- Ancestry Online Family Tree (edit/removal):
- Rootsweb WorldConnect (edit/removal):

Ancestry World Tree files cannot be edited. They cannot be removed by the
owner online. Removal must be done through Ancestry customer service and
will take a number of days to take effect.

7. The above is per their website pages. Things may have changed and they
did not bother to update or tell anyone.

8. The overall Rootsweb WorldConnect Help Page index is at:

9. None of the above links or anything else I could find within the family
tree sections mentions OneWorldTree. Ancestry apparently took it upon
themselves to absorb these user-submitted family trees into OneWorldTree
without telling anyone in advance. Apparently no way to correct those
"trees." That situation speaks for itself.

10. I never uploaded a tree to either site. I publish on my own web site.
I never trusted Ancestry. Apparently with good reason.

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>Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:21:17 -0800
>From: "Kirsten Bowman" <>
>Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History
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>I believe you are both right and wrong here, and clarification would be good
>to prevent others from getting an incorrect impression.
>When you post a tree to RootsWeb you can always update or remove it. As far
>as I know, that has always been the case. does, however, have
>access to that database and reserves the right to use it as they see fit.
>They did use the RootsWeb trees among others to build the computer-compiled
>OneWorldTree some years ago. For whatever reason, data in OneWorldTree
>cannot be changed or removed either by the submitters or by RootsWeb or
> It's set in "stone" and has not updated it for
>several years. Now it is about to be removed from the Internet altogether.
>When anyone posts, searches, or questions trees at RootsWeb or
>it's important to be clear on exactly where you're uploading and/or what
>you're looking at--whether it's WorldConnect, an personal
>(private) or public tree, OneWorldTree, or AncestryWorldTree. All have
>different parameters.
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>> Of course you can house your family tree anywhere you want to--and your
>> personal website is always a good place to post information. However, if
>> are rejecting the idea of additionally uploading a family tree to
>> WorldConnect because you think you would need to ASK RootsWeb to change it
>> (or even delete it for that matter) you are mistaken.
>I have to disagree with your statement.
>My data was on Rootsweb for several years. Ancestry changed some of their
>policies. The consequence of which was that I could no longer update my
>In fact I could not delete my data and the only response I got from Rootsweb
>was that is too bad. They did not care enough to get the problem fixed. I
>definitely do not recommend using either Rootsweb or Ancestry for keeping
>I had my data on Rootsweb before Ancestry bought them. I was a donor to
>Rootsweb but there were not enough donors so they were either going to go
>of business or be bought out, Ancestry bought them out. Too many people
>everything free and will not donate so we end up in the position we have
>Robert Blair

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