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From: "Kirsten Bowman" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Family History
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 13:02:27 -0800
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And I've been using these sites for almost 10 years! Can you imagine how
confused new users must be?

All the more reason for folks to clearly understand where they're posting
their trees, where they will appear, and how they can or cannot be
controlled since there are so many options. I think by far, the safest and
most straightforward path is for new users to post at RootsWeb WorldConnect
as both you and I have said.

Thanks for the correction and clarification.


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One World Tree has now recently been updated and to my knowledge the plans
are to keep it more current in the future. OWT is not about to be removed
the Internet--you are confusing OWT (One World Tree) with OFT (Online
Tree) which IS about to be retired in favor of the newer Ancestry Public
Private Tree program.

Kirsten wrote:
"For whatever reason, data in OneWorldTree
cannot be changed or removed either by the submitters or by RootsWeb or It's set in "stone" and has not updated it for
several years. Now it is about to be removed from the Internet

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