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Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] The Six Black Presidents
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And, I would like to say that if any/all of this is "provable" it should be.
And, if not proven, it should be set out as an hypothesis. Or, hypotheses,
since each president should deserve his own research, I'd think.

No genealogist worth his/her salt would even think to provide the level of
"proof" that's given in these books. Things such as "her family name was
Moor, therefore she was black." Oh, puhleeze. One of Jefferson's rivals said
"you're black." Wow, considering what my rivals have said about me, if
that's all it takes....

Here's some interesting reading for you.

Pat (in Tucson)

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I would like to inform readers that Six Presidents Had Black Blood.
According to Dr. Auset Bakhufu, Black Blood U.S.A.,who wrote about Six
Black Presidents in 1993. According to her research Thomas Jefferson,
Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Warren G. Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower,
and Vice President under Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin. Alexander Hamilton 's
mother was a slave and his father white.born in the West Indian. Also, read
The Five Negro Presidents, by J.A. Rogers

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