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Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 12:13:50 -0500


Veterans and family members of veterans may go on line to
request copies of the DD-214, the official Defense Department
document of separation from the military service. To request the
document, go to the National Archives and Records Administration Web
(click on Veterans Service Records)
This document will have your husband's military information,

Also see:

A suggestion: You might post his name to see if a veteran of WW II
may recall details of your husband's military service.


> I am looking for information regarding an advanced liason group that
> went ashore in France (site unknown to me) prior to D-Day invasion.
> My husband told of having been in an advanced liason group. Their
> mission was to silence anything they came in contact with.
> Unfortunately, he did not say where they went ashore.
> I know about the 82nd Airborne having been dropped around midnight
> before the invasion. However, my husband was infantry and not
> airborne.
> At the time, I did not ask questions, and now it is too late. My
> son desires the information.
> I once read about a group quietly surveying the coastline prior to
> the invasion. They did not go ashore and returned to England.
> I realize the number of GIs still alive from D-Day is dwindling.
> Just hoping someone can help.
> Florence Secor
> St Petersburg, FL

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