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From: "Kith-n-Kin" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] ancestry's new look
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 14:30:06 -0700
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Because I don't know what you're seeing when you open up Ancestry, this may
or may not apply to you. What I see (I liked the "old" version, but some of
that has changed), is a ribbon across the top with:

Home-Family Trees-Search-Collaborate-Learning Center- DNA-Publish-Shop-Hire
an Expert

Beneath that (after the note from the publisher, in blue) is a Search Box on
the left, a "Customize your home page" on the right.

Using this search box, I have:

Exact matches only checked

First & Middle names; Last name Spelling Exact

Lived in: All Countries

Year Range from: to:

Below that is a orange button "Search" and below that is "Advanced Search"

99% of the time, I start with only this "Basic" search.

So, a search would look like this:

Check on Exact matches

The first time out, I put in the given and surname as I have it. Then, I
will use the wild cards, if this isn't working too well.

Wild cards must have three characters before the wild card. The asterisk *
is used at the end of a few letters to take anything that comes after that.

I have a Helvering/Helvern/Helverin name, so I use Helver* which will pick
up all of those (also Helverson and such, but that's another story).

The ? question mark can be used to for one or more letters (? Is one, ?? is
two). I don't know how many this works for, I just had it up to three,

Choose Exact Spelling (sometimes will use soundex on difficult names)

If I am sure about where the person was born, lived, died, I'll select that
from the drop-down on the "lived in" -- this will give you Sam Smith in the
1880 census who was born in Georgia, but living in California, as well as
the Sam Smith born in North Carolina, but living in Georgia -- or the one
who lived and died in Georgia.

Looking at the "hits" I select first the more promising, and leave the
others till later. From there, I search similarly within the various
historical records, stories and publications and family trees.

The "advanced search" doesn't work all that well for me, but maybe that's
because I'm used to, and successful with, the "basic" search.

One of the challenges, I think, is the "date" option, which, because so many
records do not include a birth/marriage/death date, and may be ignored for
that reason.

The tab "search" at the top of the screen, if you choose "Search all
records" takes you to the page where you can choose a location, and do a
different type of search there.

Tell us how this example compares with what you see and do, and maybe we can
give you some help.

In Tucson

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Subject: [ROOTS-L] ancestry's new look

I don't know if it just me, or how others feel about the new search has come out with. I am having a very hard time finding

I always get 10,000 search results and the names don't even match anything I
typed in. Is there something I am doing wrong. Had this site

For more than 5 years and felt it was wonderful until now.

Like to hear someone else's feelings.

Dee In Naples

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