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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Naming of family members
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 16:50:10 -0700 (PDT)

I happen to run across an article that I thought that some of you might get a giggle out of and it is a true story, it was an interview that was done in Morgan County, Indiana and everyone there had a nickname, and I wanted to share with the listers to hear what can go on in life.
Twenty Years On Main Street in Morgantown, Indiana
A name given to a son by his parents:
the son once told me that when he was born, his great aunt (wife of his great uncle, Ruben C. Griffitt) told his folks that if they would name him Maurice Griffitt Murphy, she would give him $50.00 when he became 21 years old. This they did, but she died before he turned 21, and he never got the money; and as he said it,"I was stuck with that name all of my life" I have often wondered if he would have been more satisfied with his own name if he could have known that one Morris Griffith's name shows up in the early Virginia records as a somewhat celebrated Indian fighter, after having been captured by, and escaping from, the Cherokees. The spelling of the name differs slightly, but that is not uncommon in the old records.
  I have a long list of other nicknames whose origin I could not determine, and I will be grateful to hear from anybody who knows. Why was Harold Marshall called Toad; Edward Ferguson, Shorty; Ralph Bond, Ducky; Wayne McLary, Spec; Roy Knight, Sonny; Avon Walker, Jack; Dewayne Hamilton, Diddle; Forest Hamilton, Dutch; Garold Williams, Gizzard; Maurice Kain, Chink; John Lester Adams, Buck; Forest Adams, Hickory; Merrill Lee Johnson, Beezer; Cornelius Lawrence, Cap; Ira Jones, Dibe; Earl Jones, Pug; Roy Hamilton, Spicer; Charles Weaver, Hee Haw; George Adams, Bishop; Charles Knight, Bud; Elbert Adams, Possum; Luther Rainwater, Skeed; Carl Rainwater, Sunshine; Paul Rainwater, Salty; James Crider, Coxey; (?) Scaggs, Lemon; and (?) Knight, Taterbug?
  While I am on the subject of names, I found three people who had more than two given names. One was Oliver Perry Morton Schuyler Colfax Pool; another was Rosalind Clarinda Victoria Jane Simons, whose mother was a Pool. Rosalind was changed to Rosie and that was the name she was always called. She married Webb (Webster) Zook. The third person was Jacob Caleb Wesley Payne, called Jake. When my brother Porter found out about his three names, he began using all three and always greeted him by saying Jacob Caleb Wesley Payne instead of saying hello. Jake just smiled, and he never asked how Porter found out about the name Caleb. If anyone can add to this list of people, let me hear from you.
This article was written by a very well known lady that has since passed on and her name was Mary E. Murphy Taylor, she is remembered and a book has been dedicated to her called One Hundred And Seventy -Five Years on Main Street in Morgantown, Indiana 1831-2006 and my grandmother and all of her brothers and sisters were all born in Morgantown, Indiana and my great - grandfather built the Rockhouse Bed and Breakfast in Morgantown, Indiana and it had a birthing room and a shute that you would throw laundry down and all kinds of different things there, my great grandfather had 2 wives and enough children for more families than I can talk about.
I hope you all enjoy this story!!
Pallas Houser

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