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From: "Kith-n-Kin" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Children whose parents are not married
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 14:11:41 -0700
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Having not used FTM for years, I don't know if they've tweaked the system,
but here's what I use as a rule of thumb.

Of course, I use "the Master Genealogist" (TMG) which allows for all sorts
of tags to describe various events.

First, with the child.

You put the child in as a "child of" one of the parents (presumably the one
already in the database).

FROM the child, you put "add parent" (or whatever it says) and add the
second parent. At this point there is no "relationship" between the two

IF you have to put in a relationship some way, I would use "partner" which
includes any grouping of people who are not "married."

The "non-parent" here, by the way, has no say in any of this. A database is
designed to store facts, not feelings nor opinions. However, this child will
not show up under the "non-parent"'s tree unless you have made some kind of
relationship between the two.

IF the "non-parent" spouse is acting as a parent, or step-parent, then that
relationship is entered as well. Most programs are not yet quite
sophisticated to include all this in reports, as the programs are basically
genetically based programs.

Technically, this problem also happens with adopted children when the
bio-parents are known.

This is not a new problem. I've had the problem with widow/widowers children
and a "new" step-parent in the household that doesn't show up as I would
like in reports. And, we have a foster-son who doesn't automatically show up
on reports, yet we wish to include him, and his family, in any reports. So,
he has his bio-family in the database, and he is linked to us as a
foster-child, but I have to do a separate report for his family and "cut and
paste" it into "our" report.

We are hopeful that as "genealogy" truly becomes more "family history" these
glitches will be overcome.

Hope this helps.

In Tucson

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Subject: [ROOTS-L] Children whose parents are not married

I know many of you genealogists have had to deal with this complication but
I've not figured out how to deal with this with my Family Tree Maker
program. The system seems to only handle married parents for a child but
more and more, we find children whose parents never marry and if one of the
parents does marry someone, the non-parent may not want to have the child
listed under their tree or the parent of that marriage wants both of the
child's parents included but does not want any clue indicating there was a
marriage. I suspect there must be something built into the system to deal
with these situations but I have not discovered it at this point. HELP!

Joe Thurstenson

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