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From: "Liz Engle" <>
Subject: Re: [ROOTS-L] Relationships
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 13:15:55 -0800

Hi everyone:

(Jim asked a question about cousins of cousins of cousins, etc. see below:)


Hmm, we have a lot of that going on in our family. For instance, two of my
Dad's brothers (my uncles G#1 and G#2) married two sisters (call them H#1
and H#2).Then my Dad's first cousin (G#3) married a brother of the two
sisters, call him H#3. So consequently in our family there is a big mix of
Kissin' Cousins, Double Cousins, and Shirttail Cousins, with a lot of
hilarity trying to sort out the relationships. We solve it all by claiming
complete relationships all around. So far it works.

Cousin Liz

Jim asked:

> I have been asked by a granddaughter if someone is related.

> I have looked at relationship charts until I'm totally confused. Can

> someone please explain the relationship of these two children?

> sister A marries J, Sister B marries D Sister A has child K, Sister B

> has child S So far all is simple, K and S are first cousins.

> Now where I get confused:

> J has a brother P

> P has a son R

> What is the relationship between R and S?

> I think they aren't related because there is no common ancestor.

> Is that correct?

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